how can i get rid of lower left back pain , i had it for weeks , description for details?

how can i get rid of lower left back pain , i had it for weeks , description for details? Topic: how can i get rid of lower left back pain , i had it for weeks , description for details?
January 25, 2020 / By Celandine
Question: it hurts when i move around , i play soccer because its summer time . and i have tried resting for a weekend that did nothing .. any help?
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Best Answers: how can i get rid of lower left back pain , i had it for weeks , description for details?

Annis Annis | 2 days ago
Hi! I had back pain for a couple months, the pain went from my lower back up to my spine. I was not able to sit for a long time and could not sleep at night due to it. My pain has diminished thanks to a coffee & Tea which I was introduced too. I've been taking it a little over a month ago and it has given me amazing results with this & other health issues aswell. The coffee is 100% Alkaline and enriched with 100% Ganoderma Lucidum which contains more thant 150 Antioxidants. It's very economic and it's a very natual alternative. Read more about Ganoderma Lucidum, there is a video on it. Go to www.myganocafe.com/cano then click to Ganoderma Lucidum & watch the video. It truly worked for me. Best wishes and good luck!
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Annis Originally Answered: Swollen lymph nodes, lower left side pain, constipation, strained urination. Please help?
not to be jumpy but could it be parasites? parasites leech your energy supply and take your food right out of your digestive tract (explaining the small bowel movements) and the pain in your side could be damaged tissue where they have come through. as for your urinary tract AND the constipation, that may be fixable. drink lots of water and eat some dark leafy greens like kale or spinach. your neck is probably due to sitting at the computer like you said. hope this helps...

Yahveh Yahveh
You could have torn/pulled something, in which case it will take a lot longer than a weekend to heal. Trust me, during track season I pulled a quad and couldn't sprint for a month. If this is the case, just keep resting until it feels better. Or, it could be a spinal issue. I recommend a chiropractor. A lot of people think they're wackos who don't help at all, but trust me on this one, they can really help. I had a knee injury a few years ago and only a chiropractor could help with the pain.
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Shelby Shelby
Hi, I understand this pain, I had these back pains after skiing. Many things could have caused this lower back pain: hurting your back while doing crunches, not stretching enough before soccer or anything else. My guess is that you have a muscle imbalance. I-Live Pain Free is based on all natural ingredients that have been chosen for their well-known healing properties. It is made of horsetail, celery, Vitamin D, Garlic, Stinging Nettle and B Complex. Combined together in the right proportions they have maximum healing effect. I trust this will help you as well. Hope you get better! Good luck! Alexa T.
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Noel Noel
For this, you really do need to see a physician, particularly as it has persisted "for weeks." It could be muscular, a strain or tear. It could be a spine issue: a disc, or damaged connective tissue. But the only one who can really tell you what it is would be a physician. And this is not something you should let slide because it is not getting better, and by continuing with your activities, you may be making it worse. Get to the doc. Let him examine you, question you, get some x-rays, then you'll know what it is, and once you know that for sure, you can get about fixing it.
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Noel Originally Answered: Toddler complaining of lower back pain.?
I would first make an appoinment with her regular pediatrician. It might just be deferred pain from the constipation but better to be safe than sorry. The pediatrician xan then refer you and your daughter to another type of doctor if needed. Good Luck. If she is constipated try giving her some apple juice or applesauce and water and lower the amount of milk she drinks until she is regular too. That worked when my daughter was younger. Hope she feels better soon.

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