newborn baby, constipated?

newborn baby, constipated? Topic: newborn baby, constipated?
June 18, 2019 / By Ciss
Question: my baby boy is just 9 days old, he has not had a bowel movement since yesterday afternoon before that he was having one almost every time he had a wet diaper, he has had several wet diapers since then but has really bad gas, but still no bowel movement, what could be wrong?? also if he does not have one by tomorrow morning im planning on calling the doctor im just so worried something is really wrong :/ im mostly breastfeeding, but use some formula its enfemil for fussiness and gas, use that mostly at night and first thing in morning, but through the day mainly try to breastfeed him, if i make enough...
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Bailey Bailey | 9 days ago
2 questions, first off, what makes you think he is constipated? He is acting exactly like a normal 9 day old baby. Constipation referrers to the consistency not the frequency. When he goes as long as it is not like pebbles, and is a soft consistency he is not constipated. Second why the "mainly try to breast feed him, if I make enough?" Of course you make enough, unless you have some underlying problem. By supplementing with formula, however you are guaranteeing that you won't make enough. Breast feeding is supply and demand, so when you give formula you are telling your body that it doesn't need to produce milk. You are also setting baby up for nipple preference when you give formula. If you want to breast feed then just put baby to breast. It is not uncommon for a breast fed baby to have a bowel movement with every feed, but it is also totally normal for a fully breast fed baby to go up to 10 days without having a bowel movement. Also it is totally normal for babies to be extremely gassy. Nothing you have described is anything out of the norm.
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Bailey Originally Answered: help me =/ constipated newborn?
What makes you think she is constipated? Nothing you have said in your post indicates constipation. When she does go is it soft or is it hard like little pebbles? If it is soft then she is not constipated. Gas and what appears to be straining and hard pushing are totally normal. She is learning a new skill and using muscles that she has never had to use before. Constipation is about consistency, not frequency.

Adaline Adaline
What makes you think you're not making enough milk? You definately won't make enough if you bottle feed him formula at night. And just one day without poop is totally normal. If anything adding in that formula could hurt his belly. Just breastfeed 24/7 unless there's some type of medical reason not to.
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Taegan Taegan
It is very important to know what he has been eating. Breastfed babies rarely become constipated. Does he seem to be feeling fine though? What was his last poop like? Bicycle and pump his legs, rub his tummy clockwise.
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Peers Peers
What are you feeding him? If you aren't nursing, it is common for babies to become constipated. EDIT: Try to pump to get your supply up (if you put in the effort I SWEAR it will come-its one of the biggest misconceptions of nursing) and get him off that stuff. I commend you for giving him the breast as much as you can. Bravo!
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Louis Louis
Sounds like your baby is constipated for sure. Sometimes too much iron in formula makes babies constipated. I would call the doctor for sure. Both my sons were on low iron formula for same problem.
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Jaylon Jaylon
You're right to be worried - as at any age, the baby should be "doing a daily do". Infrequent bowel action leads to autointoxication - need I say more? Easy answer: put in a baby-size glycerine suppository - it's mild, no side-effects, but it works quickly. I used to give them automatically if I knew mine hadn't done a smelly for a day or two, and they always worked.
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Jaylon Originally Answered: What can I give my newborn who is very constipated?
I had that same problem about a week or 2 after bringing my son home. The doctor also said karo syrup just like the other poster said. put a table spoon in his bottle twice a day until he goes. karo does work but it takes a while but when we used gerber apple prune juice it worked very quick so take your pick or even gerber apple juice either one is fine 1 oz juice 2 oz water. Also my son was on similac neosure when he was born and when he got constipated doc switched to similac advanced and about 3 days later he was good and back on track so check with the pediatrician.

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