should i be taking these pills?

should i be taking these pills? Topic: should i be taking these pills?
January 18, 2020 / By Bea
Question: i went to the dermatologist for the very first time on thursday and he said to eat a healthy diet. i've already been doing that since i wanted to eat healthy which makes my skin healthy. however, it's not having any serious effect since i've been breaking out a lot too. He "prescribed" some pills but it wasn't in those little containers that have my name on it, when to take it, side effects etc. He says to take 4 pills half an hour before i go to bed. He gave them to me in those small ziplock bags. those pills are huge!!! So two nights ago, i swallowed four pills and when i went to bed, my throat started to hurt. i can seriously feel where the pills were in my throat. well that part is obviously because food does not go straight down to your stomache right away but still, i don't know what the name of those pills are in the first place. what's it going to do to my other organs besides skin? doesn't too many pills lead to liver damage? forgot to mention, it is for my acne.
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Adelle Adelle | 2 days ago
Call your Dr or take them back and ask him what they are and what the side effects of them are. If you don't want to go back and ask your Dr take them to your pharmacist and explain that your Dr gave them to you as samples but never told you what they were or what the side effects of them were. IF you want to take them ask the pharmacist if you can cut them into smaller pieces so they will be easier to take. Tell the pharmacist you would like to know what you are taking and what side effects they have, tell the pharmacist you are afraid of taking them not knowing what they are. The pharmacist will probably ask the Dr's name who gave them to you just to make sure you got them from a Dr, s/he may also contact the Dr depending on what the pills are.
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Adelle Originally Answered: Teenager taking diet pills.?
Diet pills are absolute crap! Im a personal trainer and i can tell you that just taking diet pills to lose weight wont make a significant bit of differance at all. Thermogenics can help sometimes if you work out a lot; but that is if you already have a consistant workout regimine and a healthy and balanced diet. You can lose 12 pounds fast if you do this: Cut out sugar (unless it is naturally occuring, in fruits). Try to stay away from processed foods. Eat more green, leafy vegatables, foods with protein (chicken, turkey, egg whites, fish). You cannot cut out carbs either. that will ruin your metabolism and leave your body with nothing to run on. Eat "good carbs" in small portions like vegatables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds, whole grain cerals or breads, brown rice, those foods are also high in fiber and will help in that aspect as well. Dieting alone wont do it though. You need at least 30-45 minutes of cardio 4-6 days a week to lose weight. For adults, you should do about an hour, but for a teenager,. i would say 45 minutes is probably good. Go running, use an elliptical, go for a brisk walk etc. And if u have access to a gym, 3-5 days of weight training per week is also a good idea. use the weight training machines and the free weights. be careful though, and read up on it. take heed of the directions on how to use these various types of equipment. hope this helps!
Adelle Originally Answered: Teenager taking diet pills.?
Diet pills are unnecessary. And you certainly don't need them to lose just 12 lbs. To lose weight, it is as simple as consuming less calories than you burn in a given day. That is it. There is no special diet, no special form of exercise. If your body requires 1500 calories (just an example) just to perform its daily functions and you only eat 1300 calories, then it must draw on fat stores for energy. Thus, you lose weight. Diet pills usually just increase your heart rate and metabolism which burns more calories, but why would you risk the side effects of diet pills when you can achieve the same effect by taking a 30 minute run? In fact, while you won't be as healthy without exercise, technically you don't even have to exercise. Just figure out how many calories your body needs a day to maintain its weight, and eat less. Keep track of your calories and make sure you eat less than that number. http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie... Don't risk the problems with diet pills, especially for just 12 lbs. You can lose 12 lbs in 3 weeks simply by consuming less calories, and perhaps adding some exercise in there somewhere. It is better for you--exercise is good for bones, joints, muscles, heart, and will help you keep weight off in the future with the increased metabolism and muscle tone. Warning: If you use the diet pills and lose a bunch of weight quickly, it may work. BUT, losing weight quickly results in loss of muscle tone which means you burn less calories (more muscle burns more calories even when your body is at rest). Your metabolism will also slow down making you burn less calories. So what does this mean? You will gain the weight back easily and will probably create more problems for yourself in the long run. And that is not to mention that depending on the active ingredient of the pills, it could be bad for your heart.

Teddy Teddy
i think you should either go back to the doctor and find out what the pills are and what is the correct dosage or go to another doctor take the pills with you and show them to the doctor ask what they are and how many you should be taking.Something doesn't sound right though. Pills should always be dispensed in a container with your name on it not in a plastic bag. I'd be looking for a second opinion.
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Phelan Phelan
Alot of docs will give u samples from thier office. Ur throat probably hurts cuz the pills were huge, I would call the docs office and just ask, they have to tell you. Good luck
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Phelan Originally Answered: I need to know how to become at least healthier and skinnier without taking pills. Even if I'm 13? Please help?
My diet plan is the best :) I figured it out myself and works fabulously ;) Limit your diet to fruits, vegetables (no potatoes unless baked) and chicken or turkey. Don't eat anything fried, only baked or sauteed in olive oil. Don't eat condiments like ketchup or mayo. For protein make sure you are eating things like beans and a little 2% milk cheese. Don't drink soda. Then Jump rope for 30 mins a day. You will be skinny and feel great. Once you start dippin into the snacks and fast food again though you will gain it right back.

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