How do I lose weight at home?

How do I lose weight at home? Topic: How do I lose weight at home?
June 19, 2019 / By Cindra
Question: So i'm 13 years old and would like to lose weight (Not comfortable posting my weight but trust me it needs work). I am very serious and motivated about losing weight and would like to lose 10 pounds within any time limit, I am not searching to lose weight super fast but would like it done within 2 or 3 months which I believe with motivation is possible. I am already working on my diet plan Breakfast - Fresh Fruits and vegetables, Lunch - Fruit Smooth w/o dairy, Dinner - Salad, Snack - Dried fruits and Nuts. Next is my exercise, What would i need to buy and do in order to lose 10 pounds within 2 - 3 months? I was thinking buying weights and doing exercises with them but I'm not to sure what would really work? Any links would be helpful. I'm typically going for a vegan diet so anything to replace the meat with protein, Something with loads of protein yet vegan haha. I own this hula hoop which can help you lose weight http://joshsgarage.typepad.com/.a/6a00d8... (that's literally the same one I have.) I was thinking 15~30 minutes doing that, 30 minutes of jogging (I would like to extend the time but running around my house for more 30 minutes seems really silly... I live in a field I'm talking about spiky painful grass so I can't run around there, right in front of me is a road where a lot of cars pass by so I can't have any place to run! No hopes of me going to a gym because my parents work both early and late.) Any exercise that can help me lose weight would be greatly appreciated. Also with my diet is there anything I should add or change? I'm open to all criticism. :) Thanks for reading this. Don't eat, I starve myself to death :\...? " because my parents work both early and late." Meaning I prepare my own foods because no one is there to make it for me. Thank you for the youtube suggestion though
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Babette Babette | 6 days ago
fruit n veggies cut down on starches no pasta bread rice potatoes etc...special k cereal silk milk do not eat after 6pm at all lotsa water situps jumping jacks leg crunches pushups strech exercise put on exercise channel n do what you seem them do on tv n you will lose weight change your diet & exercise...by not eating at all your body will store fat to survive & you will actually gain u must eat to get the energy to exercise starving yourself will make you bloated in stomach & you will look disgusting & unhealthy that is a stupid thing to say or do!
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Babette Originally Answered: Can I really lose weight at home?
No, it's all dependent on your diet. What your eating is key, rather your at home most of your day or on the road every day, it doesn't matter. If someone says an exercise (or Zumba dvds) will get you toned or make lose weight, they have no clue what their talking about.
Babette Originally Answered: Can I really lose weight at home?
avoid eating while rading listening songs and watching tv at your home or keep by kepping your hands busy

Acacia Acacia
There are 3 most important methods to shed some pounds speedily. one million) Use handiest water as liquid and do away with all different liquid beverages out of your nutrition. You need to drink as a lot water as feasible daily. You need to drink approximately part of your weight. If you've gotten weight of two hundred kilos you then need to drink approximately one hundred ouncesof water. two) The period among the consuming could be very primary. If you consume as soon as, you then need to consume subsequent after four hours. You need to take breakfast mostly. In the night time consume your meals 3 hours earlier than going to mattress. three) Walking could be very well. You need to stroll up to you'll be able to. Walk all over the place you'll be able to. Use of elevators and escalators need to be diminished and as an alternative of those you need to climb stairs extra mainly. These are one of the vital quickest methods to shed some pounds. By simply following the realistic steps, you'll be able to lose your weight very speedily. You need to seek advice your healthcare professional if desire to difference your nutrition or pastime events.
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Sydney Sydney
At your age, you probably have to eat what's put in front of you, but anyhow go to youtube.com and type in Dr. Neal Barnard.
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Sydney Originally Answered: How to lose weight at home?
you can do these exercise at home, flutter kicks jumping jack, push ups, lunges, squats, dived bomber, sit up, leg lifts. you can do these exercise any time of the day. throw in some running in the moring . to speed up your weigh lost Here is some tip on healthy eating: 1. Have a limit on what you eat. It’s alright to dig in and eat the food you enjoy but have a limit and try not to over eat. 2. Don’t be picky on what you eat. You can’t eat meat all the time, you got to throw some fruits and vegetables in there. Try to follow the food pyramid. 3. Drink water. Water is very important to your body and you got to keep yourself hydrated. 4. Don’t deprive yourself. You don’t have to cut the food you love out of your life just because it’s bad for you. Just limit the amount of it you eat. 5. Take one step at a time. Don’t think you can change your eating habit all at once, its call a habit for a reason. Once you have started your healthy eating habit, here are some tips breaks it down and maintain your habit: 1. Take your time eating. You be surprise that you are not that hungry at all. 2. Eat when you are hungry. You got to eat when you are hungry so that you don’t over eat later. 3. Try to avoid boredom and stress. When people get bored or stress they eat, pick up a hobby it help get rid of stress and kills the boredom. 4. Don’t miss a meal. Not eating is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Your body store fat when you don’t eat. 5. Eat more and never eat late. Eating smaller meal keeps you full. Never eat late cause most people are not so active at night and you won’t burn off the calories you take in.

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