Ate Laxatives?

Ate Laxatives? Topic: Ate Laxatives?
September 18, 2019 / By Ailie
Question: I was just over at my friends house, and she gave me some chocolate candies to eat. They tasted like normal chocolate, but after I ate a few she told me they were really laxative squares! What should I do? What's gonna happen? I've never had this before??
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Tolbert Tolbert | 5 days ago
Drink some water. You'll be ok. Next bathroom visit will be a little intence. If you're worried call poison control, I'm not sure what happens if you eat too much. Laxatives make you poop, I'm not sure by your post if you knew that. That isn't a friendly thing to do. I'd tell her mother what she did or have your mom do it.
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Tolbert Originally Answered: Is it ok to use laxatives?
I use them every two weeks to a week because if I dont i simply cant go sooooooo anoying!>.< Its save as long as you dont abuse them as in taking a bunch at once cause all you need is one.
Tolbert Originally Answered: Is it ok to use laxatives?
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Rashawn Rashawn
You friends conspired against you, planned this entire prank, and are laughing at your expense. After you are done with your 4-pack of TP, think about this, and find new friends. I am serious about this. That sh..i mean stuff... is NOT funny.
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Mason Mason
Ditch her as a friend first of all! Who does that! It's just mean and cruel - tell her to grow up.
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Mason Originally Answered: what are laxatives?
They make it easier for you to take a dump, lol ;p They are dangerous because you **** a lot!

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