Angry parent at school event cursed me in front of the children. Should I complain to the school?

Angry parent at school event cursed me in front of the children. Should I complain to the school? Topic: Angry parent at school event cursed me in front of the children. Should I complain to the school?
June 18, 2019 / By Cinderella
Question: Friday night I went to a school event. Elementry. There were games and huge long lines. I was in line and a man with his kids stepped in front of me. They didn't see that I was standing in the line because there was a woman with several kids in front of me that ran off to chase one of them down. I said I was standing in this line and moved in front of them. The man got very angry so I said ok never mind and went behind him. He continued to go on about how wrong i was. I said please just don't talk to me. He said you are a *****. This ruined my night. I was so angry and I couldn't do anything about it. I had to walk away. I didn't feel like standing in anymore stupid lines. My daughter said lets go home. I wish i could have controlled my anger more and been able to stay for me kid. I was so tired. And I hate those events. They used to be good but in the past few years the school as cut back on the events and it's just not fun any more. I would be happy to pay more for a better event or just not have them at all. So should I tell the school how I feel? I know I should have just let this guy cut in front of me. I have let people take advatage of me my whole life and I am sick of it. I was just not in the mood to let someone treat me like crap. Calling me a ***** and a childrens event. I was in shock.
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Best Answers: Angry parent at school event cursed me in front of the children. Should I complain to the school?

Babe Babe | 5 days ago
People are as*holes. You either learn to deal, accept what gets handed to you, or fight back. It's up to you. Frankly I would have told that guy that he's a conceited prick and he needed to take a chill pill and let things die, but that's just me. If you hate the school events that much, stop going to them. Pick something else for you and your daughter to go do together, like bowling, or a movie night, or hanging out at the park. There's lots of things you and your kid can do without hanging out with the lower forms of humanity.
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Abrianna Abrianna
absolutely, arrange a meeting with the principal. that person needs to be told that his behavior is not welcomed at a school event for elementary students. sorry you had to deal with that- he sound like a real low-life.
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Syd Syd
This is really funny i'm sorry but that guy is a nutcase!!! I'm sorry that you had to go through that Report him
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Paul Paul
Yes complain to the school find out who the man is go to his house on halloween and T.P. his house.
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