Which Diet pill works best?

Which Diet pill works best? Topic: Which Diet pill works best?
January 18, 2020 / By Affrika
Question: Which OTC diet pill is the most effective for Concentration, alertness, mood boost and energy, Fastin, Lipodrene or Stimerex? (I have adult ADD) Looking for something strong don't mind the jitters thanks for the help!
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Best Answers: Which Diet pill works best?

Thomas Thomas | 10 days ago
I have only tried these crap ones from holland and barrett but they did actually work i lost about 6lbs in a week and im not overweight or anything. I stopped because i kept getting break outs and i was lightheaded. Also i dont think it was the pills as i did exercise more when taking them... weightloss its all in your mind
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Thomas Originally Answered: can someone please tell of a diet pill that actually works?
diet pills are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. if you really care about losing weight and being healthy- see a nutritionist or eat healthy and exercise.

Quincey Quincey
Exercise is going to increase your mood, alertness, concentration, and energy level on its own. Take a good multi-vitamin, eat a well-rounded diet, and exercise 4-6 times a week. You don't need to blow your money on pills.
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Mallory Mallory
sorry to be honest.. none are effective.. try losing weight on your own.. whn u take pills they make u loose weight faster just the unhealthy way...and then once u stop taking them then you will defenitely gain that weight back...so your best bet will be just diet and excersise
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Jere Jere
non will work .... it is u that will make the weight plan work. must have discipline and the determination to keep the weight loss work
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Jere Originally Answered: Diet pill that really works?
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