What do carbs do?

What do carbs do? Topic: What do carbs do?
June 18, 2019 / By Cimone
Question: Why is it that people who lift weights/work out always try to avoid carbs? What do carbs do exactly? Make you fat?
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Bab Bab | 4 days ago
Actually, you need carbs. During resistance exercise, your body uses creatine as a prime energy source followed by carbs. You should not avoid carbs, just pay attention to what kind you are taking in. There are good carbs (HDL) and bad carbs (LDL). HDL's help to scrub out plaque from the veins and also aid in ridding the body of free radicals. LDL's are the main cause of plaque build up and should be avoided. YOU NEED CARBS, fat takes longer for the body to burn and is used in aerobic exercise. If you cut carbs, your resistance exercises will end up cut short due to fatigue. They are such an immediate source of energy and not many people understand that. Also, I have never heard of weightlifters avoiding carbs. Serious weightlifters take in ALOT. Just research high-density lipoproteins to find out where you can get the good carbs. Basically, if you avoid junk food, you should be fine.
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Bab Originally Answered: What is considered low carbs?
Most diabetics are advised to stay with what they now call a "safe carb" eating plan. Less than 60g of carb per day is quite low, but it's good as a temporary measure to lose weight quickly. Once you've done that for a couple of weeks, flex up to 80g for another couple of weeks or until you've lost some significant weight. Then 100-120g per day (ideally no more than 30g per meal) will be a good level to settle in at, and you'll still continue to lose a pound or so per week. As for the "net carbs" thing, beware because a lot of manufacturers use this tactic to make their stuff seem lower-carb than it is. Look on the label and deduct only half of the fiber, not all of it. So if a piece of bread has 18g of carb and 4g of fiber, the net carb is truly 16g, not 14g like it says on the package. A few other items you can add in are sugar-free pudding, bran cereal, whole wheat bread (look for the low-cal ones), sweet potatoes, and berries - they are the lowest-carb fruits and are so yummy with a sprinkle of Splenda and a squirt of whipped cream.

Abra Abra
They do not make you fat. People need carbs (short for carbohydrate) to be healthy. They are also necessary for healthy weight loss. Their are certain "diets" such as the Atkins diet and the South Beach diet that are based on low carb intake. However, diets like this are very unhealthy and are not good for permanent weight loss. Also it is not true that everyone who works out tries to avoid carbs. Edit: Just a note to blaise_collins, HDL and LDL are types of cholesterol, not carbs.
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Sybald Sybald
They dont avoid carbs... they need carbs... Carbs are sugar that contain energy. People who work out need a lot of energy or carbs... People who don't work out have their carbs turned into fat. the difference between fat and carbs is that fats are harder to burn to make energy...
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Patsy Patsy
simple carbs like bread and cereal turn to sugar. Unused sugars are stored as fat. Fat is fat. Weightlifters want muscle as body mass not fat. Not all carbs are bad either. And if you burn more than you consume your set! Complex carbs provide long lasting energy.
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Lorn Lorn
They shouldn't avoid all carbs. There are carbs that turn to fat very quickly in your body....usually those with white flour, sugar, etc. Complex carbs which are vegetables, and those with more fiber take longer to absorb in your body and are much better for you. They are usually referring to the kind we don't need...the junk stuff.
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Lorn Originally Answered: Does anyone know any snacks that have 0 carbs?
You do understand that carbs are the main fuel source for the body? its what our body converts into simple carbohydrates to be used for energy (ie glucose) & why fruits etc are quick released energy. Cutting carbs out of a diet is just a disaster waiting to happen in my books & i'd be very suprised to find nutritionists thinking otherwise. Wasn't all those high-protein, low carb-diets getting huge negative reviews a few years back by the media & scientists?

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