Do I need to lose weight?

Do I need to lose weight? Topic: Do I need to lose weight?
September 19, 2019 / By Cierra
Question: Some people tell me I need to lose weight. http://s787.photobucket.com/albums/yy156/melissav_photos/?action=view¤t=l_11ce54669bd24f9893fdc1640173172e.jpg http://s787.photobucket.com/albums/yy156/melissav_photos/?action=view¤t=l_be75a69f75ab4e129d6c69f423f66a00.jpg
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Azura Azura | 2 days ago
You don't need to lose weight! You seem at the perfect weight. If you want, however, you could tone up, especially the abdominal area. Crunches, sit-ups, and running will do the charm. Don't listen to those who tell you to lose weight.. You are pretty and they are jealous! :D
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Azura Originally Answered: Y is it when i start excersizing n eating healthier to lose weight i cant lose weight it just turns to muscle?
Maybe since protein helps to build muscle, cut down on some protein? But not all! .. also if you are just eating healthier but the same volume of food that may also contribute as you still could be eating more than you need to. Try to eat between 1500-2000 calories a day and actually count everything even small bites of things and small snacks - this is where so many hide for me ! Also what kind of exercise arw you doing ? Some are much better for losing weight than others .. zumba is a favourite of mine but also running , dancing and spin ( bike) classes are good. Anything with more cardio .. if you do weight machines to work out too.. to get toned rather than add muscle its good to do a lower weight with more reps. I never go above 15kg and just keep adding reps each month or so. Also.. drink lots of water it will give you more energy if you're lowering food intake and help to flush everything out. Good luck ! :) hope you work out how to get to your goal !

Abishag Abishag
add red pepper flakes to your pantry when eaten early in the day red pepper lowers the amount of food youll eat later
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Swithin Swithin
you have a nice body, you don't need to lose weight, maybe try doing ab workouts to tone up your stomach.
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Pat Pat
Your arms and face seem thin. But your stomach and hips look as tho they could use a little work. You have a bit of a muffin top... and a belly.
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Loren Loren
for a thicker creamier texture choose low fat unsweetened greek yogurt loaded with protein calcium and natural probiotics it makes for a tasty snack any time
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Loren Originally Answered: is this a GOOD diet/exercise routine to lose weight.how fast will i lose weight?
http://www.ehow.com/how_4904817_weight-boost-metabolism-stay-healthy.html That should help you out. From what I see you are not getting nearly enough calories or protein.. You need about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, which is why whey protein is recommended..With that diet you will not even have enough energy to even do your cardio regimen in the long-run. I would up your calories to at least 2k, and preferably 2.5-3k if you weight lift. Add some lean meats such as skinless chicken breast, tuna, turkey, and etc to your diet. Also you will have more benefits from green tea over black tea. Also do not neglect resistance training/weight lifting when losing weight. You may put on muscle weight, but you will boost your metabolism and lose body fat much more efficiently in the long run.

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