Where can I get laxatives easy?

Where can I get laxatives easy? Topic: Where can I get laxatives easy?
December 15, 2019 / By Tex
Question: I'm 14, 112 pounds and 5'4", I need to loose weight, I'm hoping to get back into the double didgets like 90 pounds but my parents are watching my eating really closely so I can skip meals or go anorexic. In health class I learned about laxatives that bulemics use and it sounded a lot better than throwing up since that causes dental problems. I want to get laxatives but can't raise any questions. Please help.
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Best Answers: Where can I get laxatives easy?

Placid Placid | 1 day ago
Boots, superdrug.. Any pharmacy type place. However you are only allowed to buy one packet at a time. The most effective ones are senokot miralax, where you only need to take one or two. But restricting calories slightly and exercising are a much better way of loosing weight and you can suffer from bad health effects :/
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Placid Originally Answered: i need help im 15 im very over weight plz give me an easy diet that wont cost me much and easy to squeeze in a?
Oh goodness, all the weight loss ads. I'm sorry you're having these issues. The safest way is for diet and exercise. DO NOT CRASH DIET. These will not help you at all, and you will only gain your weight back. Try changing your diet, and exercising at least thirty minutes a day, but no more than an hour. Also try mixing it up with cardio and toning exercises. For your diet, eat a large breakfast, medium lunch, and a small dinner, and no not eat past 8pm. When you eat meat, make sure its no larger than the palm of your hand, and supplement your food with many vegetables and fruits! One of my favorite lunches, is a fruit plate with berries, and melons with yogurt and granola. Yum Yum!!! Good luck, and don't be afraid of exercising, it releases endorphins, and I promise, you'll feel happy and full of energy afterwards.

Mahlon Mahlon
Loose weight in a healthy way. Go on a diet. Laxitives are not the best way to loose weight. Your really not fat anyway.
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Jem Jem
No, you do NOT need to lose weight. And also using laxatives is unhealthy and will mess up your body.
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Gemini Gemini
Wanna know why you parents are watching your eating? You're too skinny. You need to talk to someone......
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Gemini Originally Answered: How old must you be to buy laxatives?
Well it depends where you are really. And I have no problem giving you the details about it as it's up to you how you use them and thus all I am doing is answering your question.

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