If I were to keep only "healthy" food in the house, what would that be?

If I were to keep only "healthy" food in the house, what would that be? Topic: If I were to keep only "healthy" food in the house, what would that be?
November 23, 2019 / By Shealtiel
Question: Would that be nothing but carrots, celery, and rice cakes? I need to lose some weight but that option does not sound appealing to me at all. Are there other options? What are they? Thanks. Also, I can't afford fresh veggies and fruits all the time - it's just too expensive. I can afford $1.00 TV dinners and Ramen noodles. I could do canned veggies but I hear they're bad for you. Also, I've tried to give up soda pop several times and eventually I get to a place where I just HAVE to have some!!
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Best Answers: If I were to keep only "healthy" food in the house, what would that be?

Niven Niven | 2 days ago
Whatever you do, stay away from Ramen noodles. They are part of America's problem with the "silent killer"..high blood pressure. There is 1900 grams of sodium in 1 package. You could make your own soups using low sodium broth and whole wheat pasta, then store it away in the freezer. Pasta, even multigrain or whole wheat, is still fairly cheap. I like Barilla Pasta Plus, or Ronzoni Smart Taste...and it's only about $1.79 per box. If you buy fruit that is in season, it's cheaper. For example, buy apples and oranges in winter, strawberries and blueberries in summer. If you buy lowfat, plain yogurt in the large container (32 oz) it's only about $2.50..much cheaper than buying the small, single servings. Granola bars, lowfat string cheese, light popcorn..are all healthy snacks. Trying buying the store brands rather than the pricier name brands. Often, they are actually name brand products sold under the supermarket name. Keep eggs in the house. They are full of protein, and are always affordable. Oatmeal in the canister is a great choice for breakfast, and only about 2 bucks for a large container. Beans are cheap, and versatile. Try different colors and varieties of beans..they all help fight heart disease. Canned veggies are NOT bad..they're usually picked at the peak of ripeness, then canned right after...just choose low sodium varieties. Chicken breast is so good for you..very low in fat and cholesterol. To save money, buy it bone-in, then de-bone at home, and pull the skin off. WE pay the butcher extra for them to do it for us. Always make a shopping list, and stick to your list. Avoid buying impulse items. The foods located on the outside isles are the healthiest.
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Niven Originally Answered: Why is healthy food at fast food restaurants more expensive than regular food?
Because the ingredients in the unhealthy food are so cheap they're actually cheaper than the healthy stuff. In the past fruit & vegetables always used to be cheaper than animal products, but thanks to some modern inhumane intensive farming methods and new methods of carcass processing (for example "mechanically recovered/separated meat" etc) its very cheap to get a bit of animal on your plate these days. What part of that animal though is another question (its not even technically meat most of the time), but when its all processed into a nice nondescript paste which is then cooked up in a shape with some flavourings & additives etc people don't seem to really care! But yeah. I know farming, i know food factory work. I've lived/worked in both and i've done a lot of research on these matters too, and long story short my advice is: Save your pennies up for the better quality healthier food and avoid such processed foods (chicken nuggets, cheap sausage meat, burgers etc) like the plague! You'll be doing your health a big favour- its not just gross & fattening a lot of what they put in junk/fast food, there are major concerns over the long term health implications over a lot of the other things they add to food.

Kori Kori
all fruits and vegetables. lean protein like chicken, turkey, tofu, beans, lentils. Whole grain bread. light dressings for salads if you want them. low-fat milk and cheese. and low fat icecream for those days you cant take it anymore. almonds i forgot those. also granola is great but make sure you read the bag for how much sugar is in each surving. granola can be tricky.
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Ingram Ingram
Vegtables, Friuts, low carb things, chicken, rice ect. You can talk to aan health specilast if youd like. =] Hope I sorta helped.
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Ewain Ewain
Tuna Chicken to grill Salads 100 Calorie Snack Packs (they make these in cookies, too - so you can get that craving under control) Fruits Nuts Granola Oatmeal Avacado Cheese
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Cory Cory
fresh vegetables and fruit, beans, salmon,chicken breast, yogurt, oatmeal, honey, red wine, dark chocolate. never anything frozen, or processed.
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Grand Foyer - with a bar and a bartender Bathroom - a spa Coat Check-In - of course Laundry Room - yes it would be huge Kitchen - that would be huge as well, top of the line everything! Dining Hall - yes, a long table where everyone can sit and enjoy a meal, Great Hall - not sure what this would be for, maybe for parties, Family Room - sure, Sitting Room - no, i hope i won't be doing much sitting, i'll be keeping fit, Music Room - of course, my own recording studio in my house, Art Room - yep, Arcade/Bowling Alley - yes, videogames and lots of fun stuff Workout Room - it's a must ! Small Ice Skating Rink - nah, not really, Yoga/Dance Studio - yes, my wife would love that Movie Theatre - of course, this would be right in the center of the house, Library - yep, with all the best books Study Room - this would be the same as the library, Snack Room - this would be in the kitchen, Guest Suites - yep, everyone would love visiting me, Master Suite - yep, it would be my quiet room / man cave. Nursery Suite - ok sure, why not !

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