How to kick start my metabolism?

How to kick start my metabolism? Topic: How to kick start my metabolism?
September 19, 2019 / By Cicely
Question: i have been workingout for 1 year now i used to weight 192 i was 5'4 and 14 years old.For the first 4 months i lost 31 Pounds i still wanna lose 25 more plus get muscle defenition i dont know what to do now its been 11 months i have been 161 and i do workout hard for 2 hr and im just despread to find answers right now i eat 1000 calories and i have read that eating fewer calories slow you metabolism any ideas of how many calories and what should i do as far as workingout ? Thank you
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Ayeesha Ayeesha | 9 days ago
You should be getting 1500 to 2000 calories a day. Raw vegetables actually quickens the metabolism because it makes your body work harder to digest them. Also they don't loose the nutrients unlike they do when you cook them. If you really want to loose weight Just cut out all sodas, juices, and wheat(breads, rice and pasta).You can eat everything else that is healthy for you. Also try to avoid fatty meats and junk foods. Only eat stuff like chicken, lean beef, fish, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts seeds, herbs, dairy(as long as it doesn't have sugar. Most yogurts have added sugar in them). You can drink low fat or skim milk and water. After you have lost a good bit of weight you can add whole wheat and grains. No bleached or processed stuff. You can actually not loose weight if you do too much cardio. You should do at least 30 min of cardio a day and do 30 min to an hour of strength and core training. Since your a female don't go over 10-15 pounds on the weights. If your start to get too muscular reduce the weight time or the weights itself.
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Ayeesha Originally Answered: What does the phrase 'to kick start your metabolism' mean?
Metabolism is basically the body's process of breaking down food and converting it to energy or storing it. You have a basal metabolic rate - the amount of calories you use doing nothing at all, so just keeping you alive, heart beating, breathing etc. For me my basal metabolic rate is about 1300 calories (for my height, age and weight) but I can eat about 2000 a day and be OK because I do a lot of exercise. Certain things speed up your metabolism - eating (funny enough!), exercising, having a higher percentage of muscle compared to fat, drinking coffee. Some people say that your metabolism speeds up if you exercise in the morning and runs at a higher rate for the rest of the day. Things that can slow your metabolism include starving yourself, not exercising, having a high percentage of body fat.

Abihail Abihail
It is really important that you eat first thing in the morning to get you metabolism going and that you eat enough calories to prevent your body from shutting down its burning mode. You need to vary your work outs because they say after about 20mins of cardio you are just wasting your time and risking injury, you should do strength training as well.
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Sullivan Sullivan
You'll get better answers than what I'm about to say, but make sure you eat breakfast (a good one of course) every day. That's a great way to start your metabolism for the day.
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Parker Parker
Cut your carbs way down. Eat mostly proteins. EG: Omelette with cheese, olives etc for breakfast with Fuze drink or lo carb drink or coffee with half n half and splenda Lunch...Any meat with veggies (lo carb veggies...green beans, broccoli etc) or salad . Dinner...Meat with Veggies or Salad... Just keep the carbs low and your body will slip into fat burning really fast. Good luck
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Parker Originally Answered: How long does hayfever tablets take to kick in?
DON'T take allergy meds. Take a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day instead of harmful antihistamines and decongestants. These meds will dehydrate your system causing damage over time as well as a risk of stroke. Local honey has no side effects and will not cause long term damage to the internal organs. Like all herbal remedies, it will take a while to become effective but you will eventually have no allergies to air born irritants if you take local honey. The longer you take local honey, the healthier your body will get as it is a natural immune booster.

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