My seven week old is always constipated?

My seven week old is always constipated? Topic: My seven week old is always constipated?
July 21, 2019 / By Pete
Question: My seven week old has been constipated since he was three weeks old. We changed his formula from Similac Advance to Nutramigen. At first it seemed to be working because he no longer had all that painful gas, but he still needs help going. I have to give him miralax every couple of days. Should I be afraid that his body will become dependent on a laxitive in order to go?
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Luke Luke | 9 days ago
My son was very constipated when he was little also. The doctor suggested a teaspoon of karo syrup in each bottle and it def. helped the little man out. I also would not want constantly give my kid a laxative. It's not a good thing to start. Best of luck!
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Luke Originally Answered: Constipated for over a week.?
I used to have infrequent bowel movement as well, but now I had once and sometimes twice a day, ever since I started to eat wholegrain rye breads (I always look for the one with most fiber on it), green beans, and lots of water. Yogurts and papaya sometimes helps too. Also, I read somewhere that caffeinated stuff are dehydrating so you will have to drink extra water for every coffee you drink. The supermarkets are selling fiber supplements as well, although I haven't tried it since the wholegrain breads contain lots of insoluble fiber and the beans contain a lot of soluble fiber already. Hope this helps!

Jeduthun Jeduthun
Laxative dependency is a very real thing, especially in children. I hope his doctor prescribed the miralax and your not just giving it to him. I've never heard of giving a seven week old miralax. If not you should really talk to him.
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Garey Garey
IT could be too much Iron in his formula. Is it no iron? Some ppl have to put their babies on low iron formula because of constipation. Talk to his Dr. He should not be constapated this much, or have to take laxitives every week. Don't be afraid to ask, or suggest things with your sons Dr. Ask him if it could be too much Iron and suggest a formula change.
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Derwin Derwin
i would see your doctor again as the issue is still ongoing. its possible its the formula maybe a soy based formula would be better? its possible his tummy is getting used to the change in the formula but id def seek a doctors advice on this one:) goodluck p.s im in the uk so not sure of teh formulas over there:)
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Ben-Oni Ben-Oni
no,some baby just get that way .i had to put a little Karo syrup in his formula,that helped him .i also gave my baby some warm water with Karo syrup in it .. so i think everything will be alright. my son is 14 yrs old now and he don't need help at all now
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Ben-Oni Originally Answered: Why am I getting constipated every week?
You need more fiber in your diet. I know this sounds like something for old people but, Metamucil is a good way to get fiber in your diet. Put some in a glass of water every morning and that should keep you regular without getting the diarrhea. If you eat a lot of fast food, stop. You need more vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Increase the amount of water that you drink to about 6-8 glasses a day. Sometimes if you are on certain medicines this will also cause constipation. If that's the case tell your doctor and he can give you something to help. Walking everyday is also a very good idea. Another thing is do not strain to have a bowel movement. You are only aggravating your hemorrhoids. Take the stool softener every day if the Metamucil doesn't help. This should make you feel better and regulate your bowel movements.

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