how to stop losing weight?

how to stop losing weight? Topic: how to stop losing weight?
January 25, 2020 / By Haleigh
Question: im droping pounds at an unhealthy rate, i weighed myself this morning and am only 93 pounds with my clothing on, and am 5' 2.5". i know this is unhealthy. but i'm afraid that if i simply increase my calorie intake i will gain fat instead of healthy pounds, and i do not want to do this particularly in my stomach area. i'm vegan, and my diet usually consists of fruits and vegetables and a smaller amount of grain and proteins, will simply increasing calorie intake cause me to gain fat, or will i gain muscle if i exercise a little bit each day(15 minute intense cardio each day in addition to general walking and such)? how can i go about gaining weight healthily?
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Dolena Dolena | 2 days ago
To stop losing weight, eat nutrient dense whole foods like fruit, veggies, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds every day. Calculate your Daily Energy Expenditure with one of the online calculators and then exceed that number daily. At this point, you don't even need to worry about cardio because you need to gain weight, not lose. You would be doing yourself more good with activities such as pilates or yoga for flexibility and strength, not cardio for fat loss because you are under weight. A daily walk lasting 30 minutes for fresh air and sunshine would also be beneficial.
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Dolena Originally Answered: I cant loose weight, I can never stop eating.?
In the foods you have been chomping on, most contain addictive ingrediants that screech "have more, more, more!!" I tell you what!!! i lost weight fast once, and you know how i did it? truck loads of vegetables, buckets and buckets of fruit, delicious slabs of chicken breasts sprinkled with wortishire sauce, bowls and bowls of fresh salads, fish for breakfast, dinner, tea, look, you can have all of these things as much as you want to, when you want to, turn your vegies into soups and have fun with spices, and a little of yogurt, and parmasean shredded cheese i use to sprinkle on my bowls of salads, and believe me, you WILL loose weight!!! I bought myself the kind of bowl I admired and knew i would enjoy eating out of, and a special new plate, i lived on apple juices WITHOUT any preservatives and sugar and etc, definately NO BREADS, NO SUGARS and all those things. Look, you can indulge in raspberries, strawberries, can use equal sweetner that looks like sugar, and squeeze fresh lemon juice over strawberries....MMmmm, yummy!!! no excuses for not loosing weight!! Home? get out of the house, spend all day around the shops, trying on fabulour clothes for when you get slimmer, check out new hairstyles, plan to dress differently and beautifully and etc. It works.

Carly Carly
The healthiest way to gain weight is through increasing your intake of complex carbohydrates and lean protein. This can prove something of a challenge when you're following a vegan diet, but with a bit of careful planning it's certainly possible! Beans should be a good option for you as they are rich in both of the aforementioned nutrients. You'll also benefit from increasing your intake of unsaturated fats. People often shy away from fat in general given its bad press, however the unsaturated kind is a vital component of a healthy diet. A calorie rich nutrient, it will also help you to gain weight healthily. Avocado, unsalted nuts and olive oil are all great vegan friendly options here. Good luck with this!
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Anette Anette
Please, do not be a bulimiac! Your frame is now in a level of "shutting down." Therefore, you are now not going to lose any weight, however the weight will come off out of your bones, muscle, and so on. I went by way of this for approximately a yr or so. Developed heartburn, PCOS ovarian cysts (is associated with bulimia), no intervals, many cavities, and i've problem respiring at all times. all of the signs are from bulimia. You WILL remorse it! You would possibly not now, which I did not both, till the aspect results began coming! Please pay attention to me! And do not simply suppose I wish a Best Answer! I am critical! I virtually ruined my lifestyles and I'm seeking to aid out others earlier than it is too overdue! I am now doing it the proper method, consuming healthful and exercsing! You must do the equal! Good Luck! =]
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Wiley Wiley
Well my freind, There are 6 ingredients of our food. Water, Fats, Proteins, Carbohydrates, Minerals & Vitamins. Eating Fats & Carbs increases your weight & belly size too. But eating proteins makes "muscles" not fat. Do exercise & intake proteins you will be strong & healthy but not fat. Things which contain proteins are Chicken, Eggs, Milk, Gram, Nuts & seeds ( Peanuts ,Almonds, Peanuts, Cashews, Pecans, Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Flax seeds) Carbohydrates containing foods are : All types of grain & cereals, Potaoes, Banana, beans, pasta etc. Eat less Carbs & fats. Do exercise of belly when you start increasing your intakes. At night time never sleep immediately after eating, must eat at least 3 hours before sleeping. Eat good & do exercise you will never be fat. The worst thing to make us fat is "cold drinks,(pepsi coke etc) always avoid them. Carbs never store into your body if you keep up consuming them.
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Saxon Saxon
Eat more healthy. You need fats, vitamins & minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and etc to have your body function normally. Exercising will also help you and your body overall. You can try eating more smaller meals instead of 3 big meals. Or eat little snacks between each meals.
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Saxon Originally Answered: How can I stop over-eating and lose weight?
You'll never lose weight until you learn to control your anger about eating healthy. You'll never lose weight until you learn to exercise consistently. You could workout at home. Do a dance DVD or Slim in 6!. No one sees you that way. I love carbs, so I learned to add that stuff into my salad. We are creatures of habit and you are addicted to bad food. You can break this cycle. The first 2 weeks suck, and yes you will get angry.. BUT, slowly it gets better. You just have to want it bad enough. I bought the special K crisps. They are so good, and help me feel like I've eaten "real" food (you can only eat so many veggies.. soon youll just want to stomp on them). I've also trained myself to view fruit and a 'sweet treat'!.

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