Build muscle and cut fat diet.?

Build muscle and cut fat diet.? Topic: Build muscle and cut fat diet.?
January 28, 2020 / By Malachi
Question: Hey guys i need some help, I have been trying to gain muscle mass and cut fat i heard the best way to do this is eat alot of protein with each meal and eat six small meals a day. My meals consist of... Meal 1- three eggs with yogurt Meal 2- Sandwhich (usually tuna or PBJ) with granola bar Meal 3- Sandwhich with fruit and chips Meal 4- Piece of fruit with Nitro Tech protein Shake Meal 5- two tuna sandwhiches with Nitro tech protein shake Meal 6- Chick breast ( not breaded) Is this a good enough diet to cut fat? ( i run 30 mins 4 days a way also)
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Best Answers: Build muscle and cut fat diet.?

Jeptha Jeptha | 9 days ago
That's a great schedule if I have to say so myself. But some things to watch out for are: 1. include less meat in the diet. 2. Include more healhty fatty foods, like nuts and cheese. 3. eat small portions per meal. It's awesome you're doing cardio, but it's also important to exercise other bodyparts. Try weight lifting and working out at a local gym, or just pick up a set of dumbells and go crazy. :D One more thing, work out every other day, so the day you're not working out, your muscles will get a chance to heal and grow. Good Job! Jim
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Jeptha Originally Answered: burn fat for abs but build muscle diet?
It's extremely hard to do them both at the same time. unless your obese or just started working out, building muscle and losing fat at the same time is almost imposible. If you try you will go nowhere in either direction. If I were you I would focus on cutting down. The way to do this is to slowly reduce your calories, eat more often to boost your metabolism, and make your diet as clean as possible. You should also add more cardio, AND KEEP LIFTING WEIGHTS. The key while cutting down is to keep as much muscle as you can, the way to do this is to lift weights. You will also lose more muscle if you cut your calories too much. If you are losing more than 1-1.5 lbs per week you know your losing too much muscle. Remember, losing muscle is inevitable, it's how much you keep that matters.

Georgie Georgie
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Dinis Dinis
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Bob Bob
If you can't shed your excess weight, if it often come back those additional pounds and you do not know what to do? – don’t desperate due to the fact is a way to resolve this bad difficulty. let the science and the good food function for you and you will achieve that waste of pounds that you always wanted and need to have it.
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Bob Originally Answered: Best way to burn fat and build muscle?
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