Touched something in my cleaning supplies, now my fingertip has a white patch.?

Touched something in my cleaning supplies, now my fingertip has a white patch.? Topic: Touched something in my cleaning supplies, now my fingertip has a white patch.?
September 19, 2019 / By Chrysanta
Question: I hope this is the right category, I couldn't find a better one for this... Anyway, I put something into a cupboard and took a small packet containing a disposable duster from the cleanser bin, and afterward found that my fingertip had begun to sting and a patch of skin had turned white. It wasn't easy to stop either, took a couple of scrubbings. I can only guess that something in the bin had rubbed onto the packet. I don't keep the bleach in that bin, and the nearest likely bottle contained toilet bowl cleaner. Would that turn skin cells white in a matter of seconds? I've used the stuff of course, but never gotten it on my skin I guess. It's just a little spot, but it was such a quick reaction that I'd really like to know what it could have been so that I could be more cautious with it in the future.
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Avila Avila | 5 days ago
many cleaning supplies are bases, remember back to highschool chemistry class. the opposite of an acid. it's just like the above poster put, its a chemical burn just like a sunburn except it happens real quick and your skin doens't peel off after a few weeks. you'll be fine. if this ever happens again remember to run your fingers under water. The water reacts with base and makes it inert and sort of deactivates it. i'd wash your clothes also because if it got on them when you do the laundry again you may notice small holes everywhere. good luck
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Abigale Abigale
The cleaner has forced steam under the floor finish to produce a similar mark to that which you get on polished tables from hot coffee cups. You can't get to the stain to remove it because it isn't a stain, just moisture underneath the floor finish. Any further abrasive cleaning will damage the suface so just leave it alone for a few days and the white patch will vanish as the moisture finally evaporates.
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Stirling Stirling
dont worry about that. when i bleach or dye my hair, it always makes my fingertips turn white patches. you probably touched something with bleach or ammonia. it's nothing bad or unhealthy, it's not a big deal. :)
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