How do i speed up the labor process?

How do i speed up the labor process? Topic: How do i speed up the labor process?
October 14, 2019 / By Kieron
Question: I am 38 weeks pregnant and the doctor said that i was dialated to a 2/3 that was 3 days ago. i was wondering is there anyway to speed up the dialation process and go in labor. thanks for all your help
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Huffie Huffie | 9 days ago
Jog around the block? Just kidding! Take a nice long walk and if weather is bad, go to the mall! Have sex...there are hormones in sperm which can maybe help induce your labor. Keep drinking lots of water and taking small, protein rich snacks every few hours to keep up your metabolism and blood sugar. And try to rest a bit, though. Because you'll be using all your strength soon! You can have your baby naturally and enjoy it! I sure did! People think I'm crazy when I tell them that I LOVED giving birth! I just did. It was the most awesome, incredible moments of my life! Soon you'll be having yours! Good luck and take good care. R
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Huffie Originally Answered: 3 cm 90 percent effaced, how can i speed up labor?
How far along are you? I've been stuck at 3cm for weeks, and as far as I know there are no proven effective way to "speed" anything up. All of the supposed "tricks" don't work. If you decide to try any of them go with the safe ones, like walking, making love (if your OB gives you the green light), pineapple, primerose tablets (inserted into your vagina). Do not try castor oil, although some women swear by it, it is NOT safe.

Eric Eric
Don't give into pressure to make this baby be born on anyone's time schedule except his/her own. The statistics show that induction leads to problems for you and baby - baby's lungs might not be ready to breathe and thus he'll be in NICU - and you will become one of the 1 in 3 women that receive c sections. Babies know when they're ready to come out; let nature do it's thing. If you are in active labor and it slows down, one natural treatment to get things progressing is castor oil. And movement - definitely helps too. There are herbs and homeopathic remedies as well.
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Colin Colin
distinctly spiced nutrition and walking can help speed alongside the technique. on your pains and contractions, definite it is ordinary. you're having fake hard artwork. If the rigors proceed i could say get to the medical institution on the grounds which you're then in hard artwork. while the contractions advance into greater known this is a demonstration which you will desire to circulate to the medical institution. they are going to be waiting to assist you recognize the way far alongside interior the technique you're and could decide for to maintain you or deliver you abode. desire this works and congrats on the toddler :)
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Ardal Ardal
I am also 38 weeks. I learned today that I am 4cm 80% and my doctor stripped my membranes. She told me the more natural ways to help things along is to walk awlk walk walk walk walk and walk some more. If your up to it have sex as well. Nipple stimulation can help too. Goodluck
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Trinity Trinity
My sister swears that she drank the castor oil crap and went into labor that day.. I think it was a coincidence! She also had sex. I would just do some hours of walking and anything else that won't give you diarrhea like castor oil will.
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Sally Sally
not really. some stay at 3cm for a a few weeks. Try sex and walking and hope it works for you :) congrats
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Nigelia Nigelia
IN THROUGH THE NOSE, OUT THROUGH THE MOUTH!!!!!! Oh and praying works too believe me i know i loove praying to God!!
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Silly humans flapping around in circles like stuck record. They say a human never notices the glass bowl they're stuck in because by the time they have done a full circuit they don't remember being there before.

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