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October 18, 2019 / By Jed
Question: I am really worried that I may have Leukemia. I have been extremely tired for about 3 months now. I can sleep for 14 hours and then be awake for about 4 hours and then a wave of tiredness washes over me and I have to have a nap. I am also very lethargic, I cant seem to get motivated for anything, I used to be so consiencess and work but now I just cant get motivated. I no longer want to read or go to the cinema, basically I dont have the energy to do anything. I am also very pale and have baggy eyes(they are quite black looking underneath). My legs always feel very weak and heavy and quite often I have back pain. I am also getting a headache at least once a day. My arms are sometimes sore and I often get pins and needles in my arm even when I am not leaning on it. I also bruise easily(most are yellow though) and cuts etc take ages to heal. My doc is on holiday at the minute but I am going to see him soon. Do you think I may have leukemia or what else could it be. I am 23.
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Gare Gare | 9 days ago
You might want to consider the options of Lupus or Fibromyalgia. Lupus is an autoimmune chronic disease ( I have it ) where your white blood cells attack eachother. You become very tired, weak, joint pains, skin rashed, high ANA count etc... there are many diferent types of Lupus and the symptoms very from person to person. Fibromyalgia is something that one of my friends has and it is kinda described as what you said also, however I do not know to much about that disease. Whatever your doctor says, I would suggest getting a second opinion. I have delt with chronic and autoimmune diseases since I was a kid and they are not fun. Doctors get confused, stumped, frustrated and it can take a long time to really find out the try cause. Goodluck to you and I hope the best!
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Gare Originally Answered: i am 48 year old female and have symptoms of MS i have to get an MRI in september. My symptoms are: pins and?
It would be doing you a disservice to say one way or the other whether you have MS. There is no single test that is proof-positive for diagnosing multiple sclerosis. However, there are accepted criteria for making the diagnosis, but even this system is imperfect. Since diagnosing MS can be very difficult, a neurologist who specializes in treating MS should evaluate your symptoms. Why? Because as many as 10% of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis actually have some other condition that mimics MS. Examples of other conditions that masquerade as MS include inflammation in the blood vessels, multiple strokes, vitamin deficiency, lupus, or a brain infection. Sometimes stress-related disorders can lead to a misdiagnosis of MS. Anyways, to assist and understanding more about MS the following details some [or many] of the symptoms those suffering from MS experience: Blurred or double vision Thinking problems Clumsiness or a lack of coordination Loss of balance Numbness Tingling Weakness in an arm or leg. Abnormal sensations: People with MS often say they feel a "pins and needles" sensation. They may also have numbness, itching, burning, stabbing, or tearing pains. About half of people with MS have these uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, they can be managed or treated. Bladder problems: About 8 in 10 people have bladder problems, which can be treated. You may need to pee often, urgently, need to go at night, or have trouble emptying your bladder fully. Bowel problems, especially constipation, are also common. Difficulty walking: MS can cause muscle weakness or spasms, which make it harder to walk. Balance problems, numb feet, and fatigue can also make walking difficult. Dizziness: It's common to feel dizzy or lightheaded. You usually won't have vertigo, or the feeling that the room is spinning. Fatigue: About 8 in 10 people feel very tired. It often comes on in the afternoon and causes weak muscles, slowed thinking, or sleepiness. It's usually not related to the amount of work you do. Some people with MS say they can feel tired even after a good night's sleep. Muscle spasms: They usually affect the leg muscles. For about 40% of people they are an early symptom of MS. In progressive MS, muscle spasms affect about 6 in 10 people. You might feel mild stiffness or strong, painful muscle spasms. Sexual difficulties: These include vaginal dryness in women and erection problems in men. Both men and women may be less responsive to touch, have a lower sex drive, or have trouble reaching orgasm. Speech problems: Sometimes MS can cause people to pause a long time in between words and have slurred or nasal speech. Some people also develop swallowing problems in more advanced stages of MS. Thinking problems: About half of people with MS have trouble concentrating that comes and goes. For most, this means slowed thinking, poor attention, or fuzzy memory. Rarely, people can have severe problems that make it hard to do daily tasks. MS usually does not change your intellect and ability to read and understand conversation. Tremors: About half of people with MS have tremors. They can be minor shakes or make it hard to manage everyday activities. Vision problems: Problems with your eyes tend to be one of the first symptoms. They usually affect only one eye and go away on their own. Your sight may be blurry, gray, or have a dark spot in the center. You may suddenly have eye pain and temporary vision loss. Very rarely, people with MS may have breathing problems or seizures. It is important to remember that no two people have exactly the same symptoms of MS.

Derry Derry
http://symptoms.webmd.com/symptomchecker is always a good thing to look at However, my first guess would be depression.
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Bennie Bennie
No worries, I didn't get any pregnancy symptoms until I was about 7 almost 8 weeks along. And then I was wishing for the days of no symptoms again! Just enjoy this time right now with no symptoms. As far as the pregnancy test, it's probably fine. I took a couple tests too because I didn't feel pregnant and at 6 weeks the line was sooo light and I started freaking out thinking I was miscarrying or something. I took another one the next day and it was dark and back to normal. The dr. said the line can be lighter if you have been drinking a lot of liquids because that will dilute your urine and the hcg hormone. Good luck and just hang in there!
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Abida Abida
Believe or not I used to have most of those symptoms when I was about your age, and still do sometimes! While it is an excellent decision to go see doctor, don't be so negative in your thoughts (not that I didn't think exactly like you every singe time I had any "different" symptoms all those years ago! And still do! As a matter of fact I keep "diagnosing" myself from time to time in the most negative ways. I believe it was instilled in me when as a child I first began to hear about dreaded illnesses, leukemia being one of them back then. After you visit your doctor and he finds you're alright, just give yourself a change in many aspects, such as not trying too hard to make yourself do things you really don't want, but by looking for new things that not only might interest you but which could even be of help to you and even to others. For yourself it can be taking up dancing, bicycle riding, tennis, reading, crocheting and knitting, sewing, painting, drawing, cooking (new recipes), baking (and becoming really good at it). It can be just taking long bus rides. Or going to the beach. Or try lake or river fishing! Etc., etc. If you do enjoy other people's company but don't have any friends available, take up any of the above while at same time being a volunteer for organiztions for children or elderly citizens. That way there'll be two (or more) enjoying new stuff! In the USA, the best way to volunteer many such services is through local churches and by asking around also at many different agencies which you can read about in the local section of the newspaper.
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Shyla Shyla
Why did you wait 3 months. If you've waited 3 months..you can probably wait till he's back. If not, schedule an appt with another doctor. Don't wait..have blood work done. Plus, don't do research on the internet..that makes you think you have all sorts of ailments you don't have. I wish you the best!
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Philipa Philipa
It could be a tape worm infection too. So don't worry. Best thing now is to keep up your spirit until you see the doctor, K? Hope you feel better.
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Marsha Marsha
to be honest, from my experience (i had teenage cancer and know many others that have/had leukaemia) if you had leukaemia for the last three months you'd be dead by now. its a very fast acting disease and is easily diagnosed with a blood test. it does sound like you have something that you should get checked out though!
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Lagina Lagina
There may be something medically wrong with you. I thought there was with me when the same thing happened to me and I am almost 24. You may be depressed. I was. Look into it.
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Lagina Originally Answered: what was the 9th to 10th week like for you.? new symptoms, loss of symptoms, etc.?
I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby, and don't have many symptoms at all really. Tiredness is a major thing this time around, headaches were really bad, but have subsided (hormone levels rising), and extreme hunger pains! No morning sickness so far, fingers crossed (morning sickness really bad with 3 previous pregnancies...). By weeks 12, you should feel "normal". whatever that is! Good luck and congratulations!

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