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Healthy Food? Topic: Healthy Food?
November 21, 2019 / By Emmett
Question: I am TRYING to change my eating habits and lose a little weight and just be healthier in general. I am trying to only have fruit and juice or milk for breakfast, and healthy meat and veggies for supper, but all i am able to do for lunch is fast food or something quick from the grocery store. what is something "healthy" fast food wise. Or what is something i can get from the grocery without going broke!
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Clive Clive | 3 days ago
salads or soups are always great. subway and quiznos as well as other sandwhich shops should carry both. then at the store, you gotta love campbells soups at hand. yogurt is quick and yummy, esp with a granola bar. fresh fruit and veggies can never steer you wrong, and you can be creative and add skippy squeeze it peanutbutter to celery, apples, banannas, or other fruits and veggies. applesauce is another fave of mine. and slimfast can help you have energy and boost your metabolism AND it can fill the hunger gap.
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Clive Originally Answered: Why is healthy food at fast food restaurants more expensive than regular food?
Because the ingredients in the unhealthy food are so cheap they're actually cheaper than the healthy stuff. In the past fruit & vegetables always used to be cheaper than animal products, but thanks to some modern inhumane intensive farming methods and new methods of carcass processing (for example "mechanically recovered/separated meat" etc) its very cheap to get a bit of animal on your plate these days. What part of that animal though is another question (its not even technically meat most of the time), but when its all processed into a nice nondescript paste which is then cooked up in a shape with some flavourings & additives etc people don't seem to really care! But yeah. I know farming, i know food factory work. I've lived/worked in both and i've done a lot of research on these matters too, and long story short my advice is: Save your pennies up for the better quality healthier food and avoid such processed foods (chicken nuggets, cheap sausage meat, burgers etc) like the plague! You'll be doing your health a big favour- its not just gross & fattening a lot of what they put in junk/fast food, there are major concerns over the long term health implications over a lot of the other things they add to food.

Anson Anson
See site below to see what is really healthy. Salt and meat are very fattening. So are dairy products. Once you understand what is healthy it is easy to find healthy foods to eat.
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Tracie Tracie
as far as the loosing weight part goes, get some pilates dvds. honestly, they work great and it only takes half an hour a day.
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Saffron Saffron
Sushi! it is good for you healthy and dosnt cost much! most stores make it daily and if you dont like raw fish they have crab ones where everything is cooked! its really good try it even if u think u dont like it! good luck!
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Saffron Originally Answered: how much food is healthy for me i have high metabolism my friends think i am anorexic i eat tons of food?
Eat healthful foods (and occasional treats) when you're hungry and stop when you're full. Eating tons of junk is unhealthy for everyone, regardless of your weight.

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