Raspberry leaf tea safe in pregnancy?

Raspberry leaf tea safe in pregnancy? Topic: Raspberry leaf tea safe in pregnancy?
October 14, 2019 / By Allerick
Question: So i'm a little curious to see how this works- I read Raspberry leaf tea is supposed to help induce labor? I'm not trying to just yet, I'll let him cook a little while longer, but if I were to try this, would it be safe?
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Taylor Taylor | 2 days ago
My midwife said that raspberry leaf tea inducing labour is a myth and it's safe to drink it after the beginning of the third trimester - raspberry leaf tea contains the alkaloid fragine which is said to strengthen and tone the muscles of the uterus, helping them to contract more efficiently during labour, and if you drink it after birth it supposedly helps the uterus return to its normal size more quickly. Run it past your own midwife or doctor, or at least ask a pharmacist to be on the safe side.
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Taylor Originally Answered: did or can red raspberry leaf tea.?
Some people say raspberry leaf tea/tablets can bring on labour, but my midwife told me it does not. The tea works to 'aid in childbirth' (just reading off the packet) by softening the cervix and surrounding muscles. Raspberry leaf is also good for period pain, and toning the cervix back in to shape after the baby is born. Some people swear by it, but I drank the tea and took the tablets for my entire third trimester and it still took me 48 hours to fully dilate when I went in to labour at 40 weeks. You can try drinking the tea - just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you, and hey, anything natural that might make labour less painful or come quicker is worth a shot! He he Congratulations and Good Luck!
Taylor Originally Answered: did or can red raspberry leaf tea.?
No, and I explain this to people all the time. Red raspberry leaf tea does not make you go into labor. What it does do is tone the uterus to make labor more effective. It is not recommended in the first half of pregnancy. Some women have experienced contractions by drinking a lot of red raspberry leaf tea early in pregnancy and thus the cautionary warning.

Robynne Robynne
I was told to take raspberry leaf tea by my Dr. Its not to induce labor but is meant to tone your uterus thereby making labor quicker. It is safe to take whilst pregnant but my Dr had me only having one cup per day for so long and the further along I was I had to have two cups per day. Speak to your Dr about it
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Moll Moll
I believe it's only effective in bringing on labour if your body is already starting to prepare for it so the last few weeks! Ask your doctor though cause this is what I read on some site! GL and CONGRATULATIONS.
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Moll Originally Answered: Raspberry leaf tea.?
Raspberry leaves are a herb which herbalists claim has a mild soothing, astringent, and tonic action. It is also has digestive properties and helps to prevent nausea, is slightly sedative and helps to strengthen the nerves. In pregnancy, raspberry leaves are said to act to tone the uterus ready for labour. They are taken to encourage an easy, speedy labour, but not necessarily to induce it. You can get raspberry leaves in leaf form, which you make up as a tea, or in tablet form. Some herbalists claim that it’s best to take it in leaf form, but not everyone likes the taste of the tea, and the tablets seem to be more widely available. Opinions about taking raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy vary, however. Some herbalists state that because of its affect on the uterus, it is probably best avoided, or at least delayed until late pregnancy, if there is a history of preterm labour, or miscarriage, while others actually recommend it in the event of a threatened miscarriage. Where there is no such miscarriage or premature labour history, the recommendations about when it is safe to start taking it vary from after three months, from 20 weeks and from 28 weeks. The instructions with some tablets say that it should only be taken after 31 weeks. The dosages are up to three cups of tea, made with one teaspoon of dried leaves or three of fresh, a day, or two tablets three times a day. When there are differences of opinion like this, it is always hard to decide which to follow. My own view would be that it’s best not to take it before the third trimester, but not everyone would agree with this. Although raspberry leaf tea acts to tone the uterus, rather than to set off contractions, in my experience, there are some women who start to get very strong Braxton Hicks contractions after taking it. When this happens, it seems to be helped by lessening the dosage. In labour, one cup of the tea or one tablet every hour can be taken to enhance contractions. Postnatally, it can lessen haemorrhage, help the uterus to shrink back to its non-pregnant size and help milk production. Good luck

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