My dog has food aggression?

My dog has food aggression? Topic: My dog has food aggression?
June 16, 2019 / By Christabelle
Question: I have a 13 year old male westie. I decided to adopt another rescued westie male of 2 and a half years. We introduced them and they got on fine. I fed them separately and i fed my 13 year old first. When i was out of the room some food fell on the floor and when my 2 and a half year old westie went near it my 13 year old westie attacked it. I separated them and they were fine again. Then two days later when i was in the kitchen water from a defrosting fish dripped onto the floor. Again my 13 year old westie was lapping it up and when my 2 and a half year old westie went near, my 13 year old westie attacked. My 2 and a half westie was stronger and attacked his head biting and making his ear bleed. i separated the and it happened so fast. My 13 year old westie cried a bit in the other room and i was scared it had caused serious damage. Me and my mum were worried that if i was out, as there are lots of family members coming round and food would be dropped that they would attack and no one would be able to seperate them because they are too scared and some thing terrible would happen. So after 2 weeks me and my mum decided to take the 2 and a half year old westie back to the rescue centre. The rescue centre couldnt help they gave no advise on how to solve it. I was just doing it because i cared about both dogs so much. Now i regret doing it as im sure food aggression can be solved. We called the rescue centre to ask if we could have another chance the very next day and straight away they said no. I was devistated and so upset. I miss our westie so much. They said a trainer couldnt help as it is happening in the home and they said they already cut the westies hair and are preparing it for a new home. I paid £350 for it and all the vet bills on vacs. I really feel let down and thought they would give us a second chance. I would love to have more than one dog in the future, but the aggression both dogs showed freaked me out and as i said it all happened so quick and the second fight seemed worse than the first. Can anyone give me tips on how to stop this aggression my old dog showed, as the 2 and a half westie was fine as he had been living with other westies in the centre All your answers have been very helpful. I won't get another dog now till my 13 year old has lived out his days. in answer to your questions, he doesnt bite or growl at people going near his bowl or taking food away, only when the new dog went too close to him. I was able to feed them treats from a distance from each other. The new dog just kept getting too close and was interested in food all the time, which mad my older westie uptight to try and get the food. We only had the new dog for two weeks, they were getting on fine, but its just they had a fight within two days at the end of the two weeks and i was scared it would escalate. Lots of times my older dog couldnt decipher what the new dog was doing and would growl when we first introduced them, but my older dog got used to him. When the new dog would growl it would nearly start off my older dog, but i would quickly correct it. But with the food i didnt have time, my older westie just lunged at the new one, it just happened so quic
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Aura Aura | 1 day ago
Hi, I never experienced food aggression with my dogs because I do the following. And it worked, but it's something to do since puppy-hood. I hand feed the puppy instead of putting in a bowl so they can get used to my smell and I pat them once in a while eating. ( I do this for 3 weeks ) Once you see he/she is fine, put the food in the bowl, but hold the bowl and put your finger in the bowl during the feeding. Pat once in the while if he shows no sign of aggression. If he does show signs of aggression than correct the behavior, not beat the dog to death, just make a noise and show presence, and most important, take bowl away and put the puppy sitting ( since they probably don't know the command yet, plus this is a good starter for it ) Passing the second test, leave the bowl with the dog, but to begin, once in the while during feeding, grab a kibble or grab a few, and give it to the dog. Once you made all these things and tests and the dog has no problem, good! Just remember, once in the while do all 3 subjects out of order at least once day yes and one day not until the dog is 100%. But... even if the dog is 100%, keep reminding that you control the possession of the food, not him/her. Therefore, keep doing all 3 exercises as you wish. Also, another thing that helps is fixing your dog, but that is personal. Remember, before giving food to your dog always make him/her do something to deserve it, like sit or any command you wish. That makes more clear to them that you are in control, not them. But like I said, this is a method that should be done when a puppy, like 8 - 12 weeks, day 1 one you get it. If your dog has food aggression, like yours, you should seek behaviorist for dogs. I prefer paying the behaviorist, than vet bills.
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Aura Originally Answered: How to cure food aggression in dogs?
Take small steps. I won't recommend taking the food away in the midst of her eating and put it back down if she stops growling...way too early, the dog may attack. Try getting the whole family to rotate practicing it....make her sit in front of the food bowl, put down a few kibbles, as long as she is calm, put down few extra when she is done. After you did this for a week or so, give more kibbles and try touching the dog while she is eating....the key is you want to build it up a bit at a time.

Abbigale Abbigale
You did exactly the right thing. The rescue should have at least given you a chit for another rescue dog later, when your older dog is gone - the rescues I work with would have. It was the rescue's responsibility to make sure there wouldn't be a problem, and to firgive for what was obviously a dog problem, and not you shortcomings at all. And I feel strongly that they should have known that this dog had this tendency- that is what a proper evaluation is for. So now, you will have go on from here, knowing that you did the right thing- and that the money you spent on that dog at least went for the care of a dog that needed it. I hope he succeeds in his next home, but this is not actually I dog I would have placed. And no, food aggression is not always something you can fix - it can be a danger to other animals, and therefore to the people who are being so kind as to feed and care for it- and their children. Very dangerous indeed. Please let your old dog live out his life in peace, and when he is gone, look for a nice little dog, perhaps not a terrier, that you can love. As for the recommendation for a rescue - I have done a lot of evaluations of a lot of adopters, and more often than not, they hang onto a dog that they shouldn't.Not every dog is a good dog, and some really shouldn't be placed. You did the right thing, and I think in this case rather than open a can of worms, you should consider saying nothing about this adoption, and go on from there. If anyone asks, you can say that you were embarassed about being put in a position of perhaps speaking against a rescue, and wanted to aviod speaking against them. It wouldn't be a lie.
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Standish Standish
Hi,I`m trying to give u a bit of relief here.First need to know how long the younger pooch has or was living with you.I`ve had dogs before one half Great Dane and half German shepherd and another Shepherd Mix.One piece of advice I Can give you is it takes a lot of time and patients when u have more the one pet.Over the years I`ve also found out if your going to have more the one it`s best to bring then home with in 6 months or less (preferably less) of each other and with in 3 months of birth..Also having one of each sex is best.As time progresses they`ll become friends and companions and each grow into their own roles.Two males together in less brought in from birth will become territorial and for them the biggest and badest always wins.Kind of like people.Your older pooch is feeling threatened and is acting out.He also my become distrustful of even you. He`s been an only child for so long now I my self would let him live out the rest of his days and love him for the wise trained pooch he is. You can also try a class or an effort where he`s around other dogs first to get him use to the Idea of other dogs.Go to Purina.com ,there`s a lot of info in their site.Hope I`ve helped.I know and understand how you must feel.Hang in there and lots of luck!
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Ottis Ottis
first dose ur dog bite u when u touch his food if not then u should get one of ur friends dogs over and let their dog start to eat first then about half way through their dog eating let ur westie go in and watch him or her eat for about 5 mins then put ur dogs food downand see if any thing good happens
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