Does an instrument player need a healthier diet?

Does an instrument player need a healthier diet? Topic: Does an instrument player need a healthier diet?
September 19, 2019 / By Adolpha
Question: I eat pretty healthy now. I will take guitar lessons sometime in the spring. I know a healthy diet is always important no matter what, but I feel that the addition of my instrument would require a healthier diet since my body will be using more and more energy constantly. Do I need to improve my diet once I start playing my instrument or am I fine now?
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Terah Terah | 4 days ago
listen up puppy girl, I've been playing guitar for 7.5 years now and even though I'm not fat or anything I haven't had a diet and I really haven't seen any problems with my guitar progress. All this kinda sounds awkward to me, I mean why would you want to make your eating healthier because you want to start playing guitar? I'm not saying you are doing a wrong thing, the question in general sounds strange! Playing a musical instrument as I believe is mostly a work of mind, rather than physical action. Yes there is of course physical movement of hands and etc. but what I'm pointing out is that the mind plays more of role rather than just the shifting of the left hand or the short distance movement of the right hand. I guess you could eat brainy foods like nuts to increase phosphor in your brain but other than that I really don't suggest anything. Playing a musical instrument isn't like working out buddy that requires a diet! It's mostly lies in the brain and more importantly practice! not dieting! An instrument player can think about the health of the hand, like the wrist and perform mini-exercises to prevent any strain that could lead to problems. So to just sum it all up, your fine so no worries on that!
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Phoenix Phoenix
It depends on what instrument you play. If you are playing an orchestral instrument, being fit is not pertinent to playing well. But band instruments can require you to have good stamina (trumpet, trombone, french horn, etc.), especially if you participate in the marching band. Now that requires a LOT of endurance. Ask a person who plays the instrument you have in mind. You can get an idea from them.
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Maddox Maddox
I play the saxaphone and I get really hungry after I play but as long as you eat something healthy I don't think that it is nessicary that you have a different diet.
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Jehosaphat Jehosaphat
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