Anyone want to recommend a diet/exercise plan that has worked well for them?

Anyone want to recommend a diet/exercise plan that has worked well for them? Topic: Anyone want to recommend a diet/exercise plan that has worked well for them?
October 14, 2019 / By Twyla
Question: The only thing to consider is that I am a vegetarian, I could go vegan. Thanks for responding. You can also write which diet/exercise has not worked for whatever reason.
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Best Answers: Anyone want to recommend a diet/exercise plan that has worked well for them?

Sandy Sandy | 4 days ago
Hey Mira, I"ll tell you what i have been doing, real simple. So i will keep it simple, one of my very good friend is vegetarian. I eat meat because your body need protein in order to work out and work on muscles. I know this is long reply. But please take your time and read this. I know this work. So please read it =) Water is very good for you and specially if you're on diet and if you're working out-water is very good and keeps you hydrated. I don't believe in pills or any weight loss shakes-they are bogus and lame and are temporally and have many side effects. First loose the soda, cut down on pizza and fast food. If you like fires make 'em at home in oven. They come out very yummy and oil free. Key is to eat small portions 5 times a day. Morning: boiled eggs, corn flakes, fat free milk, if you want to fry eggs loose the yolk and eat the white part. Morning snack around 10:30am-11am: a piece of fruit / 2 cups of veggie Lunch:Eat veggi sandwich with whole grain or wheat bread. 1 Cup of soup. or salad and brown rice with some brocellie. Or 1 cup of beans with some cheese in it and salsa and corn chips. Mid day snack (around 2:30pm or so) a piece of fruit or health bar. Dinner:Brown rice with veggies / beans/ wheat pasta/ veggie burgers (they are yummy) or soup with crackers. 9pm snack (optional-only if you feel lil hungry 2 hours before your sleep time) have yogurt. Drink lots of water. As you can read i did not talk about any sweet products. Sweet only from fruits no cookies no cake no brownies.None of that. Sweet things have more and load and calories. Take your protein because you would need that protein for your work out. For hips, behind and thighs one thing SQUATS and LUNGES helps a lot! SQUATS are hard to do in start but once you get use to of it, no problem for butt is "BUTT BLASTER" EXERCISE. You can do it in your bedroom. To see how to perform those exercises, you can go image google put the key word and check out the pics and that will give you idea on how to perform those exercises. All the exercises i told you, you can do it in your bedroom, no need to go to gym or buy any equipment. Start by doing 3 sets of 15 each. Cardio of 30-40 mins you can do Jog, Run, Biking, Swimming. You will see difference within a month. =) I did.
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Sandy Originally Answered: I want to loose 10 lbs, can someone tell me an exact diet plan that worked for them?
My plan is safe and natural and really works: take 2 tbls. of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water before a meal or as a light snack when you are hungry. Has 93 vitamins and minerals. Hair and nails will become stronger too. ACV aids digestion, curess acne and makes you feel so good. Really inexpensive. I buy the one at the grocers which works for me. In conclusion, you can eat the foods you love and still lose weight.

Nola Nola
at a restaurant split your meal and eat only half meal and take the rest home if the quality is more
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Lysanne Lysanne
counting calories and lifting weights,no cardio. to lose fat and minimize muscle loss. lost 33lbs of which 7lbs was muscle. muscle burns alot of calories just by existing. a lb of fat only uses 2 cals a day. it was my first diet so i don't know which ones don't work.
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Keitha Keitha
hey if u wana loose weight at home easily u can try the diets and tips given in this site regarding weight loss efectively http://weightlose2471.notlong.com it has got so many weight loss tips and diets to help u loose weight easily at home
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Keitha Originally Answered: Can someone recommend a meal plan for a weight loss diet?
Check out Lose It! at http://www.get-app-and-go.com/best-weigh... This program really works. It is a cell phone app or a website and it's free. It calculates how many calories you should eat each day. Whenever you exercise, it adds calories for the day.

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