Help with my low carb high protein diet please!?

Help with my low carb high protein diet please!? Topic: Help with my low carb high protein diet please!?
January 18, 2020 / By Traci
Question: i'm trying to get a six pack so i'm on a low carb, high protein diet (i don't need to go low fat because i hardly eat any fat as it is). so i was wondering, how many grams of carbs should i be striving for if i'm going for low carb and how many grams of protein for high protein? i'm 15, 5'8 and weigh 120 lbs, and i''m pretty sure my recommended carb intake is 233 or something... and protein is like between 60 and 80 or something like that, anyway :) thanks! p.s. i exercise for 2 hrs or more every day, if that helps.
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Saffie Saffie | 5 days ago
at you're listed height and weight the only thing precluding you from having a six pack is the fact that you don't have enough muscle to have a six pack. But to answer your question - high protein typically equals about a gram of protein per pound of body weight, so for you it would 120 grams of protein. if you're going low carb try to keep them about about 120, you're still growing and need to have them on board hormonal regulation, brain function, etc. p.s. have you ever heard of anorexia athletica? if you were one of my patients that's something i would be concerned about.
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Saffie Originally Answered: Low Carb & High Protein diet.?
maybe you should look at south beach it focuses on good carbs but like any good diet everything in moderation. You can even start in phase 2 if you want to and still lose weight.

Nevada Nevada
Use a dash of cinnamon to present fruits such as bananas in addition to melons a richer dessert feel without worrying about sugar.
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Lux Lux
A pedometer can help monitor your steps. If you're not necessarily getting 10, 000 steps every day, you're not moving enough.
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Kayleigh Kayleigh
Use the 100 rule; it simply works! Increase your protein intake to 100 grams a day (25 gramsx4 meals) and cut your carbs only in half to about 100. You should have no problem getting ripped abs real soon on this.
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Kayleigh Originally Answered: Low Carb High protein Diet?
The Atkins diet was originally made for morbidly obese people that needed to lose a large amount of weight in short time, or else die. For most of us, we can benefit from the Atkins Diet's main idea that we eat too many useless carbohydrates. We don't, however, need to go to the extremes that the Atkins Diet requires. A high protein intake is not necessarily a good thing. Any excess protein is converted to fat. Yes, you will probably need to eat more protein if you want to add muscle, but you shouldn't be eating more than one gram per pound of body weight per day. The recommended amount for a person of average physical activity is less than that.

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