My 16 month old cries when he has a bowl movement?

My 16 month old cries when he has a bowl movement? Topic: My 16 month old cries when he has a bowl movement?
September 23, 2019 / By Suzy
Question: Ever since my son was born he cries and screams when he has a bowl movment, no matter what the tecture is. My peditrician looked at this when he was about 3 months and said he was fine, but now at 16 months he still does this. Sometimes he gets so upset that I have to leave where I am at becuase he gets very loud. Does anyone know whats going on and what I need to do?
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Raymonda Raymonda | 5 days ago
My daughter was like this when she was about 3 months as well. She had many tests and basically came to the conclusion that her anal opening was small. I had to dialate her bottom with stick that the doctor gave me to help stretch it out (a thermometer works as well). The doctor said over time she will grow out of it, which she is 14 months now and has no trouble going to the bathroom. The medical term for it is anal stricture.
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Meriwether Meriwether
Well since it does not matter what the consistency the bowel movement is...it doesn't sound like it is constipation. I would take him to a specialist to have a look. He could have some structural problem that makes it painful to have a bowel movement. Try going to a proctologist...they specialize in that area of the anatomy. Good luck.
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Les Les
Remember BRAT's will firm up stools, and taking BRAT's away will loosen them. Also cheese and milk products can cause constipation. Bananas Rice Cereal Apple Sauce Toast A bath might help your babies body pass stools more easily, but I would get a second opinion from another Doctor.
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Jorie Jorie
How does he do with plates? Har! j/k My 14 months old still cries for bowel movements sometimes. I just try to give her foods that might make things a little softer: fiber breads, blueberries, grapes...things like that. See if changing his diet helps.
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