Was there a lost city named Atlantis?

Was there a lost city named Atlantis? Topic: Was there a lost city named Atlantis?
October 14, 2019 / By Stephania
Question: Where unicorns, fairies, dragons, and otherworldly creatures roamed the earth... By the way dinosaurs are otherworldly creatures and it is a proven fact that they did indeed exist..
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Quella Quella | 7 days ago
Dinosaurs did indeed exist but they existed on this world, so they wouldn't be considered otherworldly! Atlantis and Mu both existed thousands of years ago but natural and unnatural events altered the geography of are planet to such a extent that it will take some time still before we can safely dive deep enough to be astonished!
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Meed Meed
Yes, there was a city named Atlantis. Ancient Egypt had traded with Atlantis. Many otherworldly things was seen by the Egyptians. Such as men (guards) in flying objects, many odd animals, plants, and foods. I believe that Atlantis went underwater and is now known as the Bermuda Triangle.
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Laverne Laverne
Egads!! Are you into that fairytale stuff or are you just joking? Strangely enough how come there were never any documented historical writings found by Archaeologist that depicts dinosaurs, unicorns,dragons and fairies? I think they said they may have found the lost city of Atlantis but nothing other than broken pottery and some bodies preseved the way they died during a volcanic eruption with expelled ash that killed them and buried them. How much of this is true who knows..you know science always has their own theory.
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Jochebed Jochebed
Not that we know of. The oldest reference to Atlantis was in an /allegorical/ take taught by Plato. Even if his Atlantis did exist, it still wouldn't have unicorns, fairies or dragons on it.
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Gae Gae
Yes. Of course there is a lost city named Atlantis. I'm not sure about the unicorns, faries, dragons and such living there, but I will most definatly look into it!
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Dayna Dayna
yes i believe there was a city probably where they say atlantis should be . 10s of millions of years ago the face of the earth was completly different , due to conitental shift africa and south america where touching then i don't think there where any unicorns or fairies but i wouldn't count out the possibility of dragons
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