How to gain weight with vegetarian diet?

How to gain weight with vegetarian diet? Topic: How to gain weight with vegetarian diet?
June 19, 2019 / By Chrissy
Question: hi, im a very skinny 17 yr old guy. My weight is 62. Also i have a strange anomaly. I'm 5'8'' but my bones are shorter and thinner than those shorter than me. What to do? I just wanna look normal. xqz me, but my wt is 62 kg not lbs. And i wanna knw more bout bone growth.
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Audrea Audrea | 7 days ago
its very tough... very tough for vegetarians.. you need to eat alot more calories.. and take more supplments you will need alot of vegetables, and nuts, and lentels..... if you can eat eggs that would be great.. and egg whites.... you should be taking a calcium supplment,,, vitamin D and whey protein, and protein bars.. u really need alot of work.. and u need to bulk up lift heavy weights.. avoid cardio exercise... your going to have to work hard.... goodluck
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Audrea Originally Answered: how to gain weight on a vegetarian diet?
nuts, peanutbutter,sunflowerbutter,almond butter, avocados, chick peas! they are all extremely healthy for you. olive oil is a good lipid for our body as well. and of course butter. milkshakes, heavy whipping cream(i put these in smoothies to help me maintain my weight), icecream, milk fat is also really good for our heart! and they taste great! Enjoy some sweets. cookiees, cake, brownies, chocolate. you have alot to choose from. haha. I hope this helped. ( : feel free to email me if you have questions. i have worked with nutritionist and dietritions and know how to gain weight the healthy way. Also dried cranberries are very nutrionally dense. a handful(about 1/3 cup) is 130 calories. and they taste great! try them in salads, or just plain. I think raisins have the same amount of calories as well. So these will be a good way to get your fruits in.

Abbi Abbi
You should probably eat lots of fats and carbs; I would suggest things like peanut butter and if your vegetarian then you might want to go for dairy products like cheese, milk, and things of this nature. Also if your able to eat a lot of these things and your body just metabolizes it then you might want to see a doctor about this. It has something to do with your hormones and your thyroid and all those things. If your weight is 136 Ibs or 62 kg your actually not that bad off; I know that the other answers like myself thought you meant 62 pounds. But basically with bone growth is that you need the appropriate nutrients considering that your bones basically aren't absorbing all of them or as many of them. The main thing that is needed for bone growth is calcium which is inside of things like: milk, cheese, any dairy products, green leafy vegetables, tofu, doy products, beans, etc. Even calcium supplements can help. Also many other things are needed as well like vitamin c, a, k, and e I believe. Also be aware that things like phosphorus can be detrimental to bone growth, things like soda and meats have this. Honestly though I don't think it's your diet, I think your just one of those individuals who, especially when they're younger, can't gain weight and don't absorb all the nutrients they consume. I know many people like this, and they try gaining weight with almost no success.
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Stacey Stacey
I'm sorry to say but the human body is not designed to live on plant matter alone. The evidence in of this is in our teeth. We do not have the large teeth designed for grinding up the cellulose plant cell walls (like cows have), and neither is the enamel on our teeth thick enough to withstand a life time of grinding plants. We have incisor teeth for tearing up meat (sorry, gruesome, but true). Maintaining a healthy body when vegetarian is very difficult, and requires a lot of measuring, weighing and eating a lot of food. You are also at risk of anaemia by omitting vital iron from your diet. Some vegetables do contain iron, but this is of the non-haem variety, which is not easily absorbed into the body, and needs to be eaten at massive quantities to get the same amount from a small piece of meat. Meat contains haem iron, which is easily absorbed and utilisted by the body. If you want to remain vegetarian and gain weight, you can try adding high calorie shakes to your diet. Not the weight loss or meal replacement shakes, but stuff gym users may use for bulking up. You can add extra calories to such a shake by adding ice cream, cream or full fat milk.
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Othello Othello
eat beans. kidney beans, lima beans, lentil beans, baked beans. every single day, a big portion of it. eat yogurt, drink milk and eat cheese, you need the calcium for your bones and you need the fat from the dairy products. drink a lot of juice, cranberry, apple, orange..you name it. Eat nuts, nuts are really good for you and are high in protein, they also have really good fats.. go for walnuts, peanuts and almonds especially. Eat carbs as well, bread and jam and cheese every morning. eat pasta and rice. almost everyday or everyday of you want .. eat cereal, they have wheat and a good amount of vitamins and fats in them.. and i know this sounds weird but lift light weights like 2-5 kg, build some muscles and once you have muscles your weight will gain.. good luck :)
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Les Les
It's all about your calorie intake, for an average fit person, you should be eating 2000 calories a day, if you want to increase weight, try eating 2500 calories a day (eat more veggies) it also depends on your metabolism. If you see you aren't gaining weight in two- four weeks, try increasing your calorie intake slightly.
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Les Originally Answered: Advice needed: What is the best way for a vegetarian to gain weight?
Try nutritional supplements definatly, along with consumeing more dense foods! - Ensure Plus/ Boost Plus are great nutritional weight- gain supplements and are healthy with the benefit of probiotics/ omega 3's/ 8+ essential nutrients/ a source of calcium and protein! Consume either Ensure Plus, or Boost Plus twice per day, ontop of dailey regimes/ eatting- do not decrease. (Chocolate flavours taste best heated in a mug in the microwave- tastes like hot chocolate, other flavours taste best chilled.) Also try these dense food's! Whole dairy - 3%- Whole milk - Cottage cheese - Greek/ full fat yoghurts - Added Cheese (sliced/ grated/ shredded/ diced) - crackers, sandwhiches, salads, cassaroles, homemade meals, pastas, etc .. - Added powdered milk to cassaroles/ oatmeals/ mashed potatoes - Cream based soups/ sauces instead of broth/ vegetable based Complex wholegrains - Wholewheat pasta (with pesto/ cream sauce, added cheese/ extra vegetables/ optional lean protein- turkey/ lean beef- soy meatballs, chicken, shrimp/ scallops, ground lean turkey/ beef, etc ..) - Brown/ long grain rice - Couscous/ quinoa - Thick- cut wholewheat bread/ bagels/ wraps/ pitas/ english muffins/ waffles/ flatbread - Bran muffins - Wholegrain crackers/ flatbread crackers (with cheese, hummus, peanut butter, or canned white tuna) - Granola/ musili - Wholegrain/ fiber granola bars (Nature Valley) - Oat/ hot oatmeal made with milk/ added natural crunchy peanut butter stirred in - Yams/ potatoes (mashed/ roasted/ baked) with olive oil/ margerine, milks/ cheeses, sour creams, herbs, cinnamain/ nutmegs, etc ..) - Added whreatgerm/ bran to cereals/ oatmeals - Added margerine/ olive oils to cooked vegetables/ startches/ pastas/ breads Dense fruits/ vegetables - Dried fruits (added to yoghurts, cereals, oatmeals, salads, trail mix, etc ..) - Canned fruits in syrups/ added custard on fruits - Fruit juices (Odwalla juices) - Bananas/ avacados - Apples/ celery/ bananas with crunchy/ smooth natural peanut butter - Steamed/ cooked vegetables with added margerine/ olive oil/ grated- melted cream cheese) - Canned vegetables (added margerine/ olive oil) - Regular salad dressings - Vegetable juice - Crunchy vegetables and hummus/ bean dip - Black olives Lean meats/ meat alternatives - Breaded quorn- vegetarian meats (chikn) - Nuts/ seeds - Natural smooth/ crunchy peanut butters (sandwhiches, oatmeals, crackers, fruits- vegetables, milkshakes, etc..) - Egg's - Quorn/ tofu/ soy - Breaded quorn/ vegetarian meat- breaded (ie: chikn nuggets) - Baked beans/ refried beans - Chickpeas/ hummus - Lentils - Olives - Red wine/ coolers/ beers/ alcohols - Dark chocolates - Chocolate bar- (ie: Mars/ Snickers/ etc ..) - Gatoraides/ poweraids (instead of water- to refuel in sports) - Etc .. Fast foods/ dessert based foods (chocolates/ icecreams/ donuts- cakes/ etc ..) wouldn't hurt in the weight- gain process. Hope i'v helped, goodluck!

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