Is it unsafe to take 2 supplements?

Is it unsafe to take 2 supplements? Topic: Is it unsafe to take 2 supplements?
November 17, 2019 / By Shaylyn
Question: I just want to know if it's dangerous to take a fat burning supplement and a muscle building supplement at the same time?
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Patricia Patricia | 5 days ago
Are you talking about dietary supplements or pills/medication? You shouldn't ever mix medication without checking with a doctor first. Although any form of medication that promises to help shed a few pounds is generally a load of bull, you don't need them. Just keep a strict diet and a good workout routine. For building muscle you could use casein or whey protein, they're both safe dietary supplements. Creatine is also useful, but do some reading about it first so you know what it's doing. Also, it's been shown that bulking (building muscle) first then cutting (losing fat) is much more effective for the average guy then trying both at the same time. There are lots of good articles out there, just search on google for bulking/cutting tips.
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Patricia Originally Answered: Do arthritis supplements help?
Yes they do. Get Glucosamine with Chondroitin supplements. It will take about a month to see the full effects, but it does help.
Patricia Originally Answered: Do arthritis supplements help?
I have a 12 year old dog too and last year she was on arthritis supplements for about 6 months. I wasn't happy with it at all and quite frankly it didn't work for my dog and I wasn't prepared to spend a fortune on trying every arthritis product on the market. My dog could not complete a full walk and I always ended up carrying her halfway because she was limping quite a lot and really slowing down. We went to the vet and the vet mentioned that they now have injections for arthritis. She had a series of 4 shots, spaced 2 weeks apart. It worked like magic. She didn't even need any follow up shots and now she is back and completing a full walk again. That was just after Christmas and she's still doing quite well. She even runs full on after the ball in the backyard without any problems. Might be worth exploring for your dog too. Another tip. If your dog is in pain with the arthritis and you are thinking of trying the Rymadyl or Metacam then check the ingredient label before you buy from the vet. The active ingredients in these drugs (carprofen and meloxicam) are available from your pharmacist and will save you a fortune. Just make sure that the dose is the same as your dog would take so you will have to check with the vet first. Even if you have to buy one months supply from the vet you will know what the correct dosage is. We gave the equivalent of Rymadyl to our german shepherd and a six month supply from the pharmacy was about $15 compared to $50 at the vet. That was a few years ago now but well worth it.

Margie Margie
Yes it is dangerous. These types of pills cause heart attacks. You do not need to be older to have a heart attack, these cause them in young people quick.
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Kitty Kitty
i wouldnt, to be safer try a more natural route like cycling or karate or swimming. it is a lot better for your body
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Kitty Originally Answered: are there any supplements that can get rid of my body fat?
First of all, no disrespect intended to earlier contributions, but the BMI index is crap. It can indicate that someone (like myself) is obese when they have 10 percent body fat and work out 7 days a week, while at the same time someone who has a higher than average body fat percentage can be considered to have a "normal" BMI. In the bodybuilding community, this body type this body type is commonly referred to as "skinny fat". I know- not pretty, but true. So - to answer your question... there's no "quick fix". Getting your BF below 11% from 20% is gonna take a lot of dedication and hard work. Especially if you're trying to maintain or even build muscle while doing it. Here are some tips: 1) Cardio EVERY day. Lifting weights does build muscle, and more muscle burns more fat, but lifting alone will not get you under 11% bodyfat- especially not over the course of the summer. I suggest running- A LOT! In addition to your cardio routine, you'll also want to do resistance training several times a week. Just be sure not to work the same muscle groups without at least a day to let them rest and heal between. This means either changing up your targeted muscle groups from day to day, or just doing a full circuit and resting (not lifting) every other day. 2) Diet is EVERYTHING. Fit bodies are built in the kitchen as well as the gym. If you're trying to drop a lot of fat, but maintain or build muscle, stay away from ketogenic diets (low carb, no carb). You need carbs for muscle growth. Don't go carb crazy though. You're not going to lose fat eating over 200g a day or carbs unless you're superman. Better to keep it around 100g. Also- you need to have some healthy fats in your diet to prevent muscle loss. Flaxseed oil or Fish Oil are good for this. About 10g per day. Most importantly- you need protein. A LOT of protein. About 1 to 1.5g of protein per pound of DESIRED body weight. So- if you're looking to maintain your size or get bigger while trying to get lean, you need to consume 160-210g per of protein. Avoid eating carbs and fats together in the same meal, or at least within 2 hours of each other. Protein and carbs or protein and (healthy) fats, but NEVER fats and carbs. 3) Supplements: As mentioned above, some of the basics will be flaxseed or fish oil and a protein supplement. I personally recommend Pro Complex. Add your flaxseed right to the shake when you make it. Other good supplements that will help your gains are Nitric Oxide and Creatine. Be careful with the creatine though. Some of them tend to make you retain water and will mask your fat loss results. Try to stick with one that's designed not to do this, like CE2 Hi-Def by MRI labs. You may also want to include Terris-Tribulus which is an herbal testosterone booster, but I don't know if that's something you want or need when you're 15. :) Oh- and finally, make sure you're drinking a lot of water and taking a good ol' multivitamin every day. Sadly- supplements aren't cheap. You can do without them though and still get the same results, it just may take longer. It's also kind of tough to take in that much protein the old fashioned way without taking in a lot of fat. After a few weeks you'll never want to see another chicken breast!

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