A list of foods and drinks that I can consume to lose lose weight and gain muscle?

A list of foods and drinks that I can consume to lose lose weight and gain muscle? Topic: A list of foods and drinks that I can consume to lose lose weight and gain muscle?
December 16, 2019 / By Shawna
Question: Trying to lose weight and gain muscle. I have a workout regime in mind, but my problem is that I never really combined that with a diet. So this is a problem. ***Also after a workout (i.e. lifting) should I drink a protein shake? Or should I do that before?
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Best Answers: A list of foods and drinks that I can consume to lose lose weight and gain muscle?

Pamila Pamila | 9 days ago
According to several fitness pros, you should eat mostly carbs before workouts and mostly protein after. Why? Carbs are used for energy. Protein is mostly used to repair your body's cells (example: to repair tissues that have been "broken down" from using weights.) Fats are used for several things: for satiety (keeping full longer), taste, and they help you to absorb certain vitamins. You will hear bodybuilders refer to these as "macro nutrients." It doesn't matter if you don't want to look like a body builder...it is only a matter of severity. You can just use their knowledge to get rid of your fat, not to bulk up. It takes a lot of effort to get "bulky" anyway. So, how much do you need? Depends who you ask. Someone will always disagree with someone else on this, so that's why you need to search and also see what works best for you. I haven't found the "magic number" yet, but I do my best workouts (and feel my best) if I have COMPLEX carbs (not white flours or sugars, which are processed) 1-4 hours before. You should think about foods in "servings." If you eat 1-2 servings of carbs and 0.5-1 servings of protein (and vegetables too) before a workout that will probably do you good. Sometimes, simple sugars will sustain you (example: orange juice) before, but if you are working at a high intensity (which is often required to lose fat), you need to eat complex carbs, which will stay in your system longer. But they also need to be eaten at least an hour before so your body can have a head start at breaking them down before you work out. Remember, when you are exercising, your body uses the majority of your blood to work your heart and transfer oxygen and broken down carbs (glucose, aka energy) to muscles. When you're done exercising, your body goes back to metabolising your food. So be careful not to eat or drink too much, just a little to give you a little omph (energy!) After your work out, you should have fast release protein with a fast release carb (simple carb). The best proteins are protein (isolate) powders or egg whites and the best carbs are simple carbs such as a cup of juice or chocolate milk. It is also a good idea to do this first thing in the morning after your body has been fasting (sleeping), but you can eat a few more carbs and add fat as well if you like. To answer the first part of your question, Body-for-LIFE suggests you eat 6 small meals a day. These meals should include one serving of lean protein and one serving of complex carbohydrates. You should eat at least 3 servings of vegetables (I think 5+ would be better) and 1 serving of fat (omega 3's) such as 1 tbsp of natural peanut butter or flaxseed oil or 1 serving of salmon. It doesn't matter your gender because 1 serving is the size of the palm of your hand. Also, take a multivitamin and drink lots of water (2-4 liters per day). I'm only suggesting BFL as a guideline...the people who follow the program have amazing results! The program seems fairly balanced and healthy also. The more you know the science, the better you can play around with your diet and lose weight easier by working with your body chemistry rather than working against and feeling defeated. You can do it!!!
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Pamila Originally Answered: What are some foods/drinks that can help me lose weight besides water?
The following healthy living recommendations will help you if you’re trying to lose weight, tone up your muscles, have aspirations of building lean muscle mass, are attempting to get a wash board stomach, or just want to feel better: *1) Burn more calories then you're consuming everyday and measure your results using the following formula: Calories Consumed minus Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) minus Physical Activity minus the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). A website that explains this formula in more detail and will help you determine how many calories you need to reach or maintain a certain weight is at http://www.primusweb.com/fitnesspartner/... Get a diet and fitness calculator that you can put on your computer or cell phone. This will allow you to easily calculate the above formula, set goals, log your daily calorie consumption, and register your physical activities. Set realistic goals for your ideal body weight. Here are two websites that will calculate a suggested body weight: Adults: http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.ht... Teens/Children: http://www.kidshealth.org/kid/exercise/w... It is difficult and unhealthy to lose more than one or two pounds per week. There are 3,500 calories in a pound. If you eat 500 fewer calories per day for a week you will lose one pound. If you burn through exercise 500 more calories per day for a week you will lose one pound. *2) Eat natural and organic foods found on earth versus something created by a corporation to make money. Eat meals in small portions throughout the day and take a good multi-vitamin supplement. Avoid “High Glycemic Load Carbs” (sugar, pastries, desserts, refined starches such as breads, pasta, refined grains like white rice; high starch vegetables such as potatoes) and drink lots of water. Read this article for more information on high GL Carbs: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/carbohydrates.html Do not try fad diets or diet pills. Here is an excellent food pyramid that anyone can follow: http://www.rayandterry.com/html/images/PyramidLRG.gif?osCsid=26a424be471d1337e7c2f105d5c64d9d *3) Exercise on most days by doing cardiovascular training and/or resistance training activities. Read a book or find a certified trainer to make sure your doing all resistance training exercises correctly. A great book to buy that teaches you the resistance training basics is “Weight Training for Dummies”. A superb magazine to buy with resistance training routines that will not get you bored is "Muscle and Fitness". Signup for the free newsletter. An excellent free online resource is at http://www.exrx.net/ A good book to buy that teaches you the cardiovascular training basics is “Fitness for Dummies”. *4) Get plenty of sleep. Sleep experts say most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for optimum performance, health, and safety. *5) Educate yourself continually on health issues and make a life long commitment to good health. A great free publication is “Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005”. A superb book to read is “You The Owner’s Manual”. An excellent periodic publication is the “Nutrition Action Health Letter”. A reputable test you can take to measure your biological age is at http://realage.com Look at all areas where you can enhance your health. For example, make improvements in the quality of the air you breathe. Review outdoor air quality forecasts where you live and get an indoor air purifier. Send me an email or yahoo instant message to "gainbetterhealth" if you want an indoor air purifier recommendation and if you have any questions. *Click on all the source links below to get the full benefit of the recommendations. The answers presented to your health questions are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

Mare Mare
eat chili for a couple of days research shows that chili peppers boost your metabolic rate burning 50 more cals a day
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Kirstin Kirstin
eat breakfast there have been so many studies done that show that people who eat breakfast lose more weight
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Janna Janna
I will try to keep it simple. Your metabolism is basically the rate at which your body burns calories to create energy. So the faster your metabolism, the faster you burn calories and the easier it is to lose unwanted weight. To boost your metabolism naturally you just need to eat the right foods. You can sit down and literally eat a 1,000-calorie dinner and yet be absolutely starving just a few hours later and the reason is simple: Because your body didnt get what it needed in those 1,000 calories so it sends signals to your brain telling you to ingest more calories and thus, the late-night cravings. That means that the surest way to end those late-night cravings and keep your weight loss goals on track is to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet that actually gives your body what it needs. It's VERY EASY to lose weight if you eat the right foods. Check out Dr. Charles Livingston's video here: http://www.sexyjese.com - it will blow your mind.
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Etheldreda Etheldreda
Keep up with the weight lifting and lots of cardio. Also eat leaner proteins, eat good whole grain carbohydrates,and reduce the amt. of bad fats in your diet, and in a while it should all come together and pay off ( 2-3 months) with persistence! You should start looking like your old leaner athletic gorgeous self again. As we women get older, weight is a constant battle, it is so easy for someone else to tell you what to do...We just gotta be determined and do it...Keep your eye on the prize!
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Clarity Clarity
eat all the food from the four food groups. and lay off the junk food, and food that are high in calories and sodium. i usually eat whole-wheat bread and some oranges before i work out to make sure that i have enough carbs to mantain my strength through out the whole workout. then i would eat some other stuff after to make up for the nutrients that i lost. i would recommend drinking the protein shake before and after ur workout ( half then half) remember to drink as much water as possible before/in between/ after ur workout
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Clarity Originally Answered: Please create a list of foods that you can eat when you're trying to lose belly fat?
I will answer your question, but realize a couple things first. Unless you are serious about losing weight those crunches will only make your abdominal look bigger, since muscles lie under fat*. Also, keep in mind that targeting certain areas to lose weight in is almost always a mistake. Just try to eat healthy and maintain good exercise. I would recommend just doing aerobic exercise, especially something like swimming because it uses all the muscles in your body especially your core (ie abs). If you want to lose weight, eat foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein and/or water. I recommend you begin eating lots of celery as it has a negative caloric value, meaning eating and digesting it will burn more calories than it contains, is it negligible sure, but it is a fact. Also, foods like boneless, skinless chicken breast will promote muscle gain, as will lean cuts if beef (ie sirloin steak, or tenderloin) cook them under a broiler with limited salting. On salt, keep in mind that salt will make your body retain water, which means more weight. Also know that if you work out hard your body will use the electrolytes produced by sodium, so make sure to at least salt your foods a little. Other foods to consider, carrots, tofu (high in protein), almonds (raw,unsalted), peanuts (unsalted), quinoa, chia seeds, green tea, shirataki noodles, arugula, kale, beef jerky (lightly salted or unsalted), and spinach. Avoid like you mentioned carbohydrates, that means no pasta, rice, bread, crackers, or pastries. Also keep in mind to aim for a 90/10 ratio. That means keep yourself to eating well 90% of the time, but allow one or two small indulgences a day (10%) that way you will be less likely to binge eat. Don't forget herbs and spices. Things like turmeric, cinnamon, garlic, and ginger are great for metabolism and have well known medicinal properties. Also eating spicy food is great for controlling how fast you eat as well as the digestion of food. And a really easy "cheat" is drinking only ice water. It forces your body to maintain its core temperature and thusly burns more energy (ie fat). And since its summer and presumably hot where you are at, its great! *Its true that gaining abdominal muscle will aid in losing weight, but it must be maintained or else it will just get flabby and gross, it is a long term solution. It sounds like you are looking for a simple short term solution, so ask yourself if you will be willing to put in the effort of maintaining the muscle or would you rather just lose the belly fat? Weight lifting will allow you to have a faster metabolism but it is a lot of upkeep.

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