Why does my baby keep getting constipated?

Why does my baby keep getting constipated? Topic: Why does my baby keep getting constipated?
September 23, 2019 / By Sage
Question: He was born a month early. It started when He was a month old, I noticed he was spitting up more than normal so I bought similac formula for spit up and the rice was what made him constipated. He was constipated for 2 months and I tried almost everything to help him. Warm baths, bicycle excerises, juice, karo syrup, switching his formula to soy and to sensitive, and suppositories, none of it helped. Then a friend told me her son went through the same thing and she started giving him formula made for colic so I went a bought a can and it helped him with his BMs but now he isnt gaining any weight and everytime I try to give him baby food or cereal he gets constipated, is there anything I can do to help? He also have an umbilical hernia would that have anything to do with the problem? I have talked to his pediatrician, she is the one who has been giving me all of the advice but none of it is helping. He is 6 months old, if it was colic wouldnt it be gone by now? I thought colic only lasted until 5 months? And the formula he is getting now is Enfamil Nutramigen and its hypoallergenic.
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Neve Neve | 8 days ago
Some doctors are idiots when it comes to advice. For two weeks give you baby only one formula and if on solids give applesauce once a day or 2 oz of diluted apple juice. Don't give baby anything else. See if it improves. I think there is far too much change for baby's body to adjust. A little constipation is quite normal in formula fed babies. Some only go every 2 days. Give your baby's body some time to adjust!
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Neve Originally Answered: Why is my baby constipated?
Most likely it would be the potatoes. I would try to increase the fiber in her diet. Prunes would be great. At this age she can eat them just cut up without them being pureed. Also try peaches, pears, and other fruits/veggies. You can also give her 2 oz of prune, apple or grape juice mixed with 2 oz of cool boiled water.

Lynda Lynda
Potassium-rich things like bananas cause constipation. Cereal usually has high potassium level. Check the labels to make sure of this. Also, don't you have a doctor? I don't know why you would take the advice of a bunch of strangers over a pediatrician. This is your baby we're talking about.
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Kaylie Kaylie
PLEASE DON'T LET THIS FREAK YOU OUT... because it totally could be colic, and probably is just that or maybe a food allergy. But if this has been going on for so long seek doctor's help ASAP. My sister's child went through similar problems and was healthy otherwise so she didn't take him to see anyone. Then after a couple months he just got blue and died of SIDs. So please check the baby out just in case, you never know.
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Huldah Huldah
My daughter had issues with constipation. She is 9 mths. She is on a high fiber diet. Apricots, prunes, peaches, plums, and pears are great sources of fiber. Peas and spinach are two fiber-rich foods to include in a baby's diet. Broccoli and beans are also a great source of fiber but can cause excess gas. Whole-grain foods are rich in fiber. Most first-stage baby cereals are rice-based. These are not high in fiber as they are made from white rice. Opt for oatmeal or barley cereal instead. Whole grain bread, crackers and teething biscuits contain higher levels of fiber. High-fiber diets require plenty of liquid to aid in digestion. Adding fiber to a baby's diet means you also must add water. Too much fiber and not enough fluid can lead to constipation. Several fruit juices provide fiber. Try plum, prune, and pear juice. Yogurt is a probiotic food and can aid in digestion. My daughter eats yogurt with whole wheat cereal for breakfast every morning.
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Edwena Edwena
The fact that he isn't gaining weight is worrying. It means that nutrient absorption isn't occurring as it should (it may be working, but not as well as it should). I would suggest seeing a Gastro-interologist for advice. Also try giving him lots of pear puree, it will aid his BMs.
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Charlene Charlene
Glycolax. Buy it off the shelf at any drug store. You add it to water/juice/milk, this is amazing stuff.
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Ariadne Ariadne
Take him to a gastroenterologist ASAP - they take these things seriously! In the meantime, continue as you are, you're not giving him anything dangerous.
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Ariadne Originally Answered: my baby is constipated.?
Poor thing! You need to get an second opionion or get her to a specialist right away! It shounds like your child could have G.I problems. I would have suggested if it was normal constipation to feed him an 1/2 ounce kero suryp with nursery water. Good luck!

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