How to lose belly fat in a couple of months?

How to lose belly fat in a couple of months? Topic: How to lose belly fat in a couple of months?
November 17, 2019 / By Phoebe
Question: okay. im 15. im 5 foot 6. and i weigh 147lbs. and im a boy. now i workout almost 4 times a week. but i eat a lot so while im getting stronger im also getting some belly fat. my dad says that muscle weighs more than fat. but i don't want any fat really. someone just tell me how to lose at least 10 , (15 the most) pounds in like 2 months so i can be prepared for school sports.
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Best Answers: How to lose belly fat in a couple of months?

Maryanna Maryanna | 2 days ago
I came across a post on this site which is titled Exercises to Lose belly fat, it will tell you you need a combination of good eating and working out, so it looks like you are doing the working out bit. I'm not much of a dieter myself. But here are a few tips you might want to consider. Make sure you eat/drink at least 20-30g of protein after a workout, this will make sure that your appetite is curbed and that you will receive the benefits of the work out. More specifically on abs, because you can't spot target fat, doing lots of ab exercises won't help you lose the fat, doing chest and upper body exercises will require core strength but cardio exercises will actually see the bit of belly fat go away. This site should be able to help you more http://www.prohealthtips.net/exercises-lose-belly-fat/
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Maryanna Originally Answered: I'm competing in MMA in a couple months, how do I lose some body fat fast.?
Run a few miles everyday, and reduce your junk food. If you don't eat any junk food, reduce your fat intake. Make sure though that you get your recommended servings of fruit, vegatables, proten, calcium and carbs--or else you'll get weaker!!!
Maryanna Originally Answered: I'm competing in MMA in a couple months, how do I lose some body fat fast.?
The best way to lose that fat is to run or do other cardio for about an hour a day and to eat right. Eating right is why most people can't lose the weight.

Lallie Lallie
Well I would say diet and get a lot of cardio in everyday... Try as much as you possibly can to jog for at least an hour and do sit-ups or crunches to help it get lesser and lesser. But this will take a good diet with a lot of water everyday, I suggest at least 80 ounces.
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Jennifer Jennifer
Go run an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening:that will do it. You can also go jogging,biking or swimming All will help Success Colors
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Jennifer Originally Answered: how much weight would a person lose eating only healthy foods for a couple months?
If you want to lose weight safely, then you need to do consider 2 things: Are you looking to take off excess (unhealthy) weight? If that is the case, stick to 2 very important guidelines. 1. Eat with your personal nutrition in mind. 2. Get out and get physically active. Sports, walking, swimming, sex (if you are an adult) and any other outdoor activity. My Father is overweight, but while he was in the Army he had gotten well over his limit of his weight/height/age, so the army put him on what they call the "FAT BOY" program. The military is a good source to go to for physical fitness and health sources. But each person is a little different. Check with your doctor to see if you should lose the weight in the first place. If the doctor says that you should, then he/she will give you a list of do's and don'ts for food as well as possibly an exorcise regimen to follow for your case. Start by cutting out (almost entirely) red meat and other fatty foods and snacks. No more french fries unless they are cooked in vegetable oil or baked. No Mayonnaise that is not low/no fat. No cheese that is not no/low fat. Eat things like skinless turkey/turkey based meats, fish, chicken (no skin) and vegetables. Basically a balanced diet, not a vegan one. Grapefruit and other citrus are good for burning fat, but not the best, unless you lead a very sedentary life. Eat more fruit and no junk food for snacks. It is the junk food that has made us an obese nation. DO NOT LISTEN TO THE LIES OF VEGANS. Sure, you will lose the weight, but like a supermodel, it will not be a healthy weight loss. You want a healthy weight loss. There are thousands of sources for this information on the web, but avoid those "lose weight quick" schemes, since those never last or never actually work. Now if you are just doing "ego-based" dieting, then don't bother. It is not only unhealthy, but will cause you to waste your whole life, creating an unhealthy obsession with weight loss. Some people are just naturally a bit overweight. It happens, just like some people are just naturally extremely skinny. It happens, so, in that case, just eat a balanced diet and stay away from fatty foods.

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