Metronidazole (Flagyl) for diarrhea now constipation in kitten?

Metronidazole (Flagyl) for diarrhea now constipation in kitten? Topic: Metronidazole (Flagyl) for diarrhea now constipation in kitten?
June 16, 2019 / By Chloris
Question: Has anyone ever used Flagyl to treat diarrhea but ended up with kitten getting normal stool with constipation resulting in swollen anal? And what did you do about it? I'm picking up three more of the pill tomorrow from the vet and will ask, but I want to know before hand from your experience with this. He has diarrhea, and has been dewormed twice, he's 2 months, and has feline herpes and taking Enisyl and Metronidazole. His diarrhea cleared up but he now has constipation, his anal is back to normal now after his difficult bowel movement I would like to know what to do now, before I talk to the vet tomorrow and if it could be caused by Flagyl
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Aubree Aubree | 3 days ago
If your kitten is straining to pass faeces and has a swollen anal area, this could be due to a problem with the colon (the large intestine) or rectum. Constipation – reduced ability or failure to pass hard, dry faeces – and colitis – inflammation of the colon that results in diarrhoea – are both possible causes. If a pink material starts to protrude from the anal area, this indicates the onset of a rectal prolapse, where persistent straining leads to the lining of the rectum being pushed outwards. You will need to take your kitten to the vet for an examination, to determine the cause of the straining, so that an appropriate treatment such as a laxative, an enema or antibiotics can be administered. Copied from: http://www.pethealthcare.co.uk/Pet_Guide...
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Aubree Originally Answered: My 3 month old kitten has diarrhea?
Change the cat's diet. The food she is eating is too rich for her. If she is new to you then you need to adjust her diet. The kitten is very young, they don't need a lot of food, you could be over feeding her as well. Cats will eat until the food is gone. Reduce the amount of food you give and the frequency in which you fill the bowl. Is the food wet or dry? Switch to a high quality dry cat food. Don't feed them the cheapest food you can buy at Wal Mart. Spend a little more and buy a high quality nutritious dry food. You also need to teach your cat where her food bowl is. Put it in a place that only the cat can get to. Scold her everytime she goes near the dog dish. (I'm surprised the dogs don't already do this) Train her to eat only from her bowl and only in the designated location. Cats learn fast. This shouldn't be a hard lesson for her to learn. If it doesn't stop in a day or two then you need to talk to your Vet. She may be sick.
Aubree Originally Answered: My 3 month old kitten has diarrhea?
Moreover to the solutions already given involving combine hard meals, go to the vet and so forth remember acidophilus or a digestive support to ad to each meal - one can find it in petsmart and so on Many vets will in finding coccidia or other parasites, i'd no longer reduction what they are saying but commonly their therapies best make the quandary worse - that you could certainly treat with flagyl or albon, however then you are left with a digestive approach you must construct again up with more enzymes, and so on If the diarrhea is severe, by means of all way tke it to the vet and do the prescribed cure regardless of whatever else ensure there is a lot of fresh water and the kitty is drinking it, and that the litter field is very easy several times a day smooth it - and that if the kitten received any on her to wash her up on the naked minimal once a day additionally holistic approaches to this have some effectiveness and i am together with a url

Abagale Abagale
Don't give your cat a laxative no matter what, make sure she is drinking water and eating only wet food for now. And make sure the vet sees her as the medication could be a side effect but if the meds caused it he should have warned you to feed her only wet food and watch for diarrehea. If she isn't straining right now try not to worry but keep a close eye on her and since you already have her on a medication he should have an answering service if not go tomorrow and then find a vet that has one. You shouldn't be left to worry like this. Also try calling another vet place and telling them your kitten was prescribed this and now she's constipated. The swollen anal area could also be a gland that is still infected in that area. Another thing that feels good to the kitten and my son did this and it really helped is. Put a warm (not hot) damp cloth on her/his bottom and let the warmth relax the muscles down there, my son actually wrapped a hot water bottle as well and put it on the tummy and butt area and it relaxed his cat so Max was able to poop. Hope this helps. Good luck
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Sparrow Sparrow
Flagyl is used as an anti-bacterial/anti-parasite medication. What is kitten on it for? Giardia, intestinal bacterial infection? How old is kitten? Maybe kitten just needs to be de-wormed and not on this med. Nd. more info. I have used for my dogs' bacterial infection before, did not cause what you described. * Saw update~ Flagyl could have caused prob., but also was working what it's suppose to do and rid bacterias, if vet says to continue with and you feel it's the culprit, then give kitty a tbsp. of YOGURT or pumpkin pie filling sauce,.. it will balance his intestinal tract and you will be amazed that within 2 days stool will be normal and easy passing.!
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your defs not preg...prob just a bug...mayb IBS but not preg......jeez tho wtf were u 2 doin...sounds buck

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