How much weight can I lose in 6 months.?

How much weight can I lose in 6 months.? Topic: How much weight can I lose in 6 months.?
September 20, 2019 / By Edwena
Question: I am 197lbs and medium to larger frame. I have been working out and watching my diet off and on for 7 months and have lost 25 lbs. (I've been under alot of stress and haven't always stuck to it). Now I really want to buckle down and stick to my routine. So how much could I lose in 6 months. My routine is 2 workouts a day at 20 minutes each on an eliptical trainer Then I alternate days pilaties for 20 mins, and weights the other I am 5'6" and 28 years old
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Charlene Charlene | 2 days ago
First of all, congratulations! Losing 25 lbs. is a great achievement. Keep up the good work. Now, on to your question ... How much weight CAN you lose in 6 months? The better question is: how much weight SHOULD you lose in 6 months? You should be losing no more than 2-3 lbs. a week. Any more than that is unhealthy. Rapid weight loss can screw up your metabolism, and increase your chances of regaining the weight in the future. By my math, you should lose NO MORE than 75 lbs over that period of time. That would put you at about 125 lbs. which is more-than-skinny (IMO) for a 5'6" woman.
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Charlene Originally Answered: How much weight can I lose n the next few months?
You seriously need to eat breakfast. As cliche as that sounds, it really does start your metabolism and keeps you from overeating later on in the day and or at night. Your junk food intake seems fine since you say that you dont eat much of it. Curious though--what is junk food to you? because some people consider fruit as a type of junk food such as pineapples with all the sugar it has and some people of course know it as a fruit. You say portions are not a problem which is great so I was a little confused about how you weigh 275 because portion control is how most people maintain their weight at a low weight. But it seems that the issue here is not enough meals and not enough exercise. Get to it!!!!--as easy as it sounds, if you just start your day off with 1 cup of oatmeal and sprinkle some raisins on top of that or fruit, you'll see how you feel later on during the day with how hungry you get. I think you should start eating LITERALLY every 2 to 3 hours as well. I'm happy that you bought equipment and i think you should start to use them each day, possibly using one equipment per day ALONG WITH 30 to 40 minutes of pure cardio. Intense Cardio that is if you want to really loose some weight. Do you have a bike? The ones that you can sit down on can probably benefit you since you could even watch some t.v. on it and really get that metabolism going with a visual! Buy some Matzo's too, they are in the Kosher aile and Kashi products are pretty good. As far as snacks, if you really really want to loose weight, i'd try to avoid processed foods and go for natural or homemade snakcs such as a super sized fruit smoothie that you made yourself. ...buy a blender and have some fun w/ it. If you want a snack babe, i'd try to make sure that your eyes actually saw the process of it Hope this helps

Ariadne Ariadne
researchers found that dieters who ate eggs in the morning were less hungry than those who ate carb heavy meals
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Zalmon Zalmon
The best weight loss (safest and to keep it off) is around 1 to 2 pounds per week. So if you can manage to loose 2 pounds per week, in 6 months you could easily shed 45-48 pounds. (2 x 4 x 6) = 48
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Sib Sib
pick up a 5 or 10 pound weight at the gym and visualize that weight coming off holding the weight in your hands helps bring home just how heavy even 5 pounds of extra fat can be
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Odran Odran
carry a cooler stocked with three bottles of water a six pack four pb js two oranges a bag of tortilla chips and 12 servings of cool cucumber salsa go to womenshealthmag allrecipes com for the recipe for 22 minutes
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Odran Originally Answered: Healthy meals to lose weight? 60 pounds in 5 months. ?
in the morning, i suggest cheerios. They are simple and fairly healthy. Lunch something like a salad will be good, a ham sandwich is also good, make sure to keep the sandwich fairly boring maybe some roast beef,lettuce and mustard. dinner i usually eat grilled chicken salad. im not a nutritionist but i want to help you so that's why food choice isn't my strong point. you cant give up, it will be very very hard to lose weight. Tai Chi is an old Chinese workout that is one of the most effective workouts you will ever do. it may seem simple and not feel like much but 3 hours will burn up to around 700 calories(for your weight). It will build up muscle and make you mentally and physically stronger, i highly highly HIGHLY recommend it. If you want to try it at home first, there is a beginners system that will teach you the basics of taichi, and it is very good. ill give you a link to it on amazon, but i know for fact target sells them. GOOD LUCK! http://www.amazon.com/Gaiam-Tai-Chi-Beginner-Kit/dp/B000BK7F48/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325716528&sr=8-1 stay away from pastas, bread(sandwiches are ok), no sweets like ice cream, no pop will also help you lose weight, drink lots of water, no fast food what so ever, if you want things to snack on get baked chips, and fruits.

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