My newborn seems constipated/has trouble with gas?

My newborn seems constipated/has trouble with gas? Topic: My newborn seems constipated/has trouble with gas?
July 19, 2019 / By Marjory
Question: After most feeds, she'll have trouble getting to sleep where she used to nod off straight away. She will winge a bit, look like she is 'pushing' & wiggle around a lot. Then she will look like she is nodding off but then start looking all uncomfortable all over again! She hasn't been like this all the time, just within the last week I'd say. She usually sleeps well, feeds well (3-4 oz on demand, usually every 3-4 hours), we burp her well & make sure she is warm enough. To be honest, I don't think its constipation as she has regular wet & dirty nappies. Anyone know what it could be or what I could do? If it helps to know, on advice of my health visitor, we have been giving her Infacol that helps with griping pain, wind & colic. She is 3 weeks old. Also, in the last day... Her poo has been a lot runnier than usual, any ideas? Or could it be the Infacol? xoxo
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Krystelle Krystelle | 4 days ago
If you are breastfeeding, your baby may be reacting to something you are eating that doesn't agree with her undeveloped digestive system. If you are formula feeding, the formula may have ingredients that bother her tummy too. There is no evidence that Infacol helps with colic and might be causing the loose stool. I suggest trying gripe water as it is very effective and very safe. Also, tummy massage may help, or holding her in such a way as to keep pressure on it can be very soothing. If these don't help, you may need to try changing your diet or switching formula.
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Krystelle Originally Answered: how do i stop newborn being constipated?
are you breast feeding or using formula? some formulas are a bit stronger and can cause constipation. perhaps switching to a different brand can help! if you're breastfeeding and your baby is constipated, there really isn't much you can do but wait it out..
Krystelle Originally Answered: how do i stop newborn being constipated?
I heard taking a small peppermint candy and letting it dissolve in water will help babies with tummy aches and such so maybe it'd help with constipation

Jeannie Jeannie
infacol will make it runnier... if you've met all her needs, fed, changed, winded, kept warm then she probably just wants to be held. My 5 week old is the same after a feed. She doesn't usually want to go right into her moss basket she likes to be soothed to sleep first. they spend 9 months inside you tightly snuggled up, they like being close to you:)
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Fawna Fawna
change your diet as something you eat may affect her via the breastmilk. keep a food diary, burp her more often, nurse her in an upridhg position, and see the pediatrician.
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Fawna Originally Answered: Is my newborn kitten constipated?
It depends on what you're feeding him and you should check with a vet (if you haven't already). Mother cats have to 'encourage' their kittens to poo, which they do by licking the kitten's anus (yes, they generally eat the kitten's poo for the first few weeks). You may be able to duplicate Mom's encouragement by using a VERY warm washcloth every couple of hours on the kitten's anal area. You don't want it scalding, but you do want it very warm (cats' body temperatures are much higher than humans).

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