How do I improve the stability of my liver again?

How do I improve the stability of my liver again? Topic: How do I improve the stability of my liver again?
June 19, 2019 / By China
Question: So I took medication, the doctor told me I was not suppose to drink while I was in the medication. I, drank, now my question is what do I do to make it healthy again? I'm going to stop drinking but besides that.
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Astaroth Astaroth | 10 days ago
maybe milk thistle and dndelion extract will help u.. I hve read that these two were good for liver..
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Astaroth Originally Answered: how to improve your liver health?
Milk thistle certainly helps. Probably the best food there is for your liver health is beetroot. For further information a search for beetroot + liver will be useful.
Astaroth Originally Answered: how to improve your liver health?
Milk thistle is called "the liver herb." It's supposed to be real good for the liver. I see you already know about it. I don't have any personal experience with it, but I, too, have heard it's good, and there is no known harm from it (that I've heard of).

Abaegayle Abaegayle
Taking medication with alcohol can cause such an interaction between them that it can, in some circumstances, cause damage to the liver cells. When damage occurs inside the liver, the immune system of the body will respond to this damage and cause inflammation to develop inside the liver which can cause the liver to enlarge in size. There are usually no symptoms of this occurring. To be sure that your liver cells haven't been damaged, you need to have blood tests done to determine if it has. These would be the liver enzymes and the liver functions tests. If the doctor believes inflammation has developed, he may do an ultrasound or Ct scan to be sure about the size of your liver. You should not drink alcohol, now, and you should check with the doctor about still taking this medication. If damage is done to your liver cells and if the inflammation is not treated, it can lead to where the liver cells die off and form scar tissue inside the liver. This scar tissue then can block the flow of blood through the liver....this is then, not a reversible disease, it is a progressive one known as Cirrhosis of the liver. A liver transplant costs in the range of $300,000 and up. You have to have the best insurance to pay for it or you have to raise the money for one. Those who are addicted to drug and alcohol will not be able to have an evaluation for a donor organ on the transplant list unless they are detoxed from these for a period of six months prior to the evaluation process and then they can never return to it. Having the blood testing done is the best option for now. However, being sure that you don't become sick with something else, right now, is also very important. Avoid open salad/food bars where people can accidentally sneeze or cough into them. Wash hands often and use germ cleaner in between times. Wash all fresh fruits and vegetable that people have fingers over in the stores. Use disinfectant wipes on shopping cart handles, door knobs, bathroom fixture, tv controllers, phones, etc. You don't want to become sick now as it will cause your body to work harder to heal and also may cause you to take additional medications. Try to eat a well balance diet to get as much vitamins and minerals, naturally, from them. Try to stay away from fast foods, food with alot of preservatives, or prepackaged food. The more good foods you take in, it will help strengthen your body. All liver patients are told No alcohol, they are not to take any medications that have not been approved by or prescribed by there doctors. I hope this information has been of some help to you. Best wishes
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Sonnie Sonnie
What medication are you taking, at what dosage, and how much did you drink? How often do you drink? How long ago was it? Unless severely damaged, your liver should be fine on its own, but depending on the medication there can be a variety of reasons not to drink. P.S. I'm assuming this is a one-time thing, but if it's a chronic thing that's a different story and you should listen to abijann. :)
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Sonnie Originally Answered: How can I improve my cardio?
Dont worry a lot about lifting weights cus you arent trying to get into track shape or anything. Just trying to lose pounds and improve cardio?? Just do 1 hour of cardio per day. Power walking and jogging with no breaks. You cannot take any days off ever. Don't worry about lifting weights. 1 hour of cardio per day every day and always have plenty of water with you. Make sure you stretch so you aren't sore. Start off slower don't push yourself too hard just an hour of power walking would be good for the beginning. If you push yourself too hard in the beginning you will be too sore and in too much pain to do cardio every day! Remember, every day no breaks!!

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