Do I need to cup my wrist when bowling?

Do I need to cup my wrist when bowling? Topic: Do I need to cup my wrist when bowling?
October 14, 2019 / By Lynna
Question: Right now I'm using a fifteen pound bowling ball and it feels okay when I swing it with a straight wrist. However I read on a website that a good release needs to start from a cupped wrist, and I was wondering if it was necessary to cup the wrist to hook, because right now it seems a bit too heavy for my wrist to handle and it feels like I might injure myself if I try.
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Keeleigh Keeleigh | 8 days ago
If you want to add some more lift and hook to the bowling ball, then a cupped wrist will definitely help. Since I have weakness in my wrist, I use a bowling glove under another bowling glove with metal support so that I am able to cup my wrist and crank the ball upon delivery. If I have no wrist support, it's impossible for me to do so. Cupping the wrist also helps with more lift, especially if the front part of the lane is a bit dry and you need to loft the ball over the dry spots to get to the oil and have your ball go further instead of experiencing early hook. Good luck!
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Ilean Ilean
You do not need to cup your wrist. If you can throw a good straight ball you are well off. What is much more important is to follow through. You should be rolling your ball and making sure that the ball is not sliding most the way down the lane. When you release the palm of your hand will be up then follow through and youll look like you are shaking someones hand, hard to describe.
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Effie Effie
not really, as long as you follow through straight up and have you fingertips come up fast youll be fine. Slow it down a little bit too if you want more curve
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