How to gain weight with high metabolism?

How to gain weight with high metabolism? Topic: How to gain weight with high metabolism?
October 15, 2019 / By Klara
Question: im 16, 5"6 50kg . im too skinny and i need to gain 10kg. i hate being told to eat more. i hate people comparing themselves to me and saying they are fat. i hate when people think im dieting. i hate it when they say im too skinny. i have 3 meals a day and i tend to snack often. whenever out i eat mcdonalds of kfc. i love eating junk food and i hardly exercise. what to do?
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Jasmin Jasmin | 1 day ago
Don't try and make yourself fat. Enjoy your body and who you are. Don't let haters bring you down. Trust me you're going to love your metabolism when you're 35.
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Jasmin Originally Answered: What will help me gain more weight with high metabolism?
I've gone through the same thing. First, you need to eat a high calorie diet and then exercise. By high calorie I mean like 2,800+ calories. 1. You can start by eating a big breakfast. This will usually get you about 900 calories and almost halfway there. 2. Go to the gym an hour or two after that. Weight lift and get in shape. Muscles weighs more. 3. Snack, drink a protein shake, and then eat lunch. Get yourself up to 1,900 calories for the day by now. 4. Snack a little more - nuts and legumes are good. At this point in the day you can try weight gain shakes. 5. Eat a small dinner, that's right. You don't need a big dinner at this point. You will easily pass 3,000 calories at this point. And THAT is how you gain weight if you have a high metabolism, and nobody will even think youre fat.

Eunice Eunice
Don't gain weight just because of what others say.. Only do it if you want to or if it's a health thing. And when trying to put on weight you still want to work out some or it will all be flabby weight you gain, not a healthy gain. Try starting a steady "diet" (just write down the basics of what you eat each day) so you know about how much you are taking in... 3500 calories equals one pound. Then once you have that figured out add about 300cal to that a day. You should start to gain some. Good luck!
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Cleopatra Cleopatra
I am Hyperthyroid and must eat around 5500 calories to maintain my weight. So maybe I can help. The best way I found to gain weight is to drink the complete meal replacement shake for older people, The most effective one i found was ensure plus in the US. If you were to include weight training exercise it does burn calories but it also puts on muscle which might not show on the scale but will on your body. You should also consider eating a healthy balance of foods. If you metabolism changes as you age you want to have good eating habits to adjust. The quick fix is definitely the replacement shakes. Good luck.
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Belita Belita
Don't worry about weight. Teens often have a high metabolism. Just eat healthy, even if you don't need to lose weight a heathy diet and exercise are good habits to get into for later in life.
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Adreea Adreea
you are soooo like me! I just can't seem to gain weight! Its really HARD. i hate being told to eat more. i hate when people think im dieting. i hate it when they say im too skinny. (i have to say i agree 200% with this!)
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Adreea Originally Answered: How to gain weight if you have a high metabolism?
First, add high calorie food items in your diet. To gain weight, you need to have more calories than burnt by the metabolic activities of your body. The amount of calories which should be taken daily differs from person to person. However, if you want to gain weight, intake of more calories will be beneficial. Second, add protein rich foods like fish, soybean, egg white, beans etc. in your diet. Protein is a body building nutrient. It is very important to develop muscle mass. Third, consume more carbohydrates in your diet. It is very important for providing energy to the body. The carbohydrates which will not be used by your body will accumulate in your body as fat and it will also help you to gain weight. Fourth, add right kind of fats in your diet. Fat is very important to gain weight. Avoid those food items which have Trans and Saturated fats. Prepare your meals with canola oil, olive oil etc. which offers monounsaturated fats to your body. Last but not the least, instead of having 2 or 3 meals in a day; take 5 to 6 small meals in a day. This will appease your hunger and will provide the source of energy to your body at different intervals in a day. Follow all the suggestions mentioned above, and get ready to gain weight. Hope this helps :)

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