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figure/diet/weight loss? Topic: figure/diet/weight loss?
June 19, 2019 / By Chevonne
Question: I'm 15 yr old, 83kgs and 5'4 feet. What should be my IDEAL WEIGHT? Is it impossible to reach 70 KGS till JULY 1st??
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Ashton Ashton | 7 days ago
Your ideal weight is 59.1-65kg. However, you are still very young and should not be dieting as it could be bad for your growth and development.... and the goal you have in mind is extreme even for an adult to try... I know you are eager to lose weight, but you need to just try and eat healthy foods, cut back on sugar and soft drinks, and exercise... you probably still have baby weight at your age. It is important to wait for your weight to balance out and dont start dieting for a few more years.
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Ashton Originally Answered: Diabetes and Figure 8 Weight Loss?
I've never heard of your program and I have sincere doubts as to whether your products are "WAY" better for a diabetic. No food manufacturer will ever come close to the foods our bodies evolved around. (Or were created for us, if you prefer). They can try all they want. As a non insulin dependent (type two) diabetic, I can't advise your client unless they are a type two wanting to get off the insulin. If they were, I would advise them to stick to what Mother Nature provides... as man made foods are terrible for us. Even Glucerna products which are made for diabetics... they're terrible also. That's what got most of us into this mess in the first place. Whether a sugar is organic or not, is meaningless. There are more than a dozen types of sugar. The safest for a diabetic is fructose from fruits and vegetables. Not high fructose corn syrup or any other man made source of sugar. If your sugar happened to be organic glucose, the effect on a diabetic's body would be exactly the same as refined glucose. If your organic sugar happened to be honey, the effect would be exactly the same as sucrose (table sugar)... organic or otherwise. Do you see what I mean? Since consuming a wide variety of raw fruits and vegetables and almost totally dispensing with man made foods, my blood sugar has gone down and my need for medication has all but disappeared. I've taken two pills in the past month and no insulin at all. If your client is a type two, you would be doing them a service by having them read my diabetes info page linked under my profile. If your program includes lots of daily exercise, I would encourage them to pursue that with all vigor. If not, your program is not likely to do them much good at all. Education would do them a lot more good.

Zubin Zubin
BMI (body mass index) is used to determine whether your weight is ideally proportional to your height. I checked on www.slim-fast.com, and unfortunately you are under obese category with BMI 31. A BMI 30 or more indicate greater risk to obesity-related diseases such as hypertension. Your ideal weight should be 50 - 63 kgs (BMI 19 - 24). HEALTHY weight loss is 1-1.5 kgs per week, so if you aim to lose 13 kgs, you will need more than 2 months (you need 13 wks at most). If you proceed with strict diet (no carbs, sweets, fats, pork, beef) while taking food supplements, weight loss may be hastened. I actually am on a diet also because for my height (5'3") i weighed 60 kgs. Although in the healthy range, I wasn't happy with my figure (Just this March, I was 56kgs). I only ate raw veggies and fruits (especially those with large water content such as watermelon) and drank only water. No bread, no rice, no cake or sodas. After about 4-5 wks, I'm down to 53kgs.
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Sol Sol
your ideal weight should be between 54kg and 67 kg. a healthy weight loss is 2lbs a week but make sure u exercise as well
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Orville Orville
you should only lose 2-3 lbs a week and here is a web site that shows you work outs u can do at home hope u like it Jamie http://fitnessmagazine.com/
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Lennard Lennard
store bought salad dressings can be packed with calories make your own vinaigrette and store it in a small spray bottle to coat your greens without over dressing them
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Lennard Originally Answered: Low carb diets, how do you figure the amount of carbs?
It could drive you crazy if you try to calculate the amount of carbs in the foods you are eating, especially if you start worrying about subtleties like the ones you describe. If you must do it, you can probably just rely on the 'Carbohydrate' values listed in the nutritional breakdown. For the purposes of measuring your daily intake it really isn't going to make a big enough difference whether you include the fiber or not. But I would suggest that it's not necessary (although this does of course depend on what your objectives are and what type of low carb diet you are following.) My advice would be that the healthiest and most effective way to follow a low carb diet is simply to avoid pasta, bread, cereal, rice and potatoes, as well as, obviously, other processed foods that are sweet or stodgy. If you eat plenty of vegetables, fruit and salad, but avoid these other foods you will be on a low carb diet by definition and can stop worrying about how much carbs you are eating. Avoiding these foods alone puts you into the low carb zone. You just need to make sure you eat plenty of meat and healthy fats (nuts, avocado, coconut, oily fish, olive oil etc) so that you feel satisfied at mealtimes. This is the most healthy approach because fruit, veg and salad are nutritionally very dense, whereas the starchy foods you should avoid contain relatively little goodness. By ensuring that the carbs you do get are from these nutritionally dense sources you can go on a low carb diet without affecting your health. If you do find yourself wanting to calculate the amount of carbs in foods that do not come in a packet, the Nutrition Data site will help you do that as long as you know the weight of what you have eaten - link below. Use the search boxes top right....

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