my cat is constipated?

my cat is constipated? Topic: my cat is constipated?
January 29, 2020 / By Kennedy
Question: my three year old cat jackson has been constipated for 2 to 3 days now and ive took him to the vet but the medicine did not work so now i don't know what to do. what do you guys think i should do? please help
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Ivy Ivy | 7 days ago
When all else fails, I give a dollop (not large) of butter to my cat. Your cat is dehydrated because of not having enough liquids, so stop feeding it dry food, give it tinned foods, and add water to the tinned food to ensure that the cat gets enough liquids in - the dehydration can lead to megacolon, which is really horrible.
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Ivy Originally Answered: Constipated? toddler. I need help. I have a 2 yr 11 month old toddler who seems constipated.?
My grandson has had a constipation problem his whole life. He's five now and has been on Miralax since about 1 year. He eats tons of fruits and vegetables. Drinks juices and eats healthy food. Rarely does he get sweet treats or any junk food. So diet isn't the only reason a kid can have constipation problems. He been to the doctor and gastroenterologist. No help from them at all. You may have to keep searching till you find the right food that will help him go. That's what we're hoping for. Otherwise keep giving him some Miralax in the meantime.

Ellie Ellie
When a cat becomes constipated, there is virtually nothing you can give by mouth that will clear the blockage (a lot of silly, old time home remedies have been posted). It must be removed from the other end, either by manipulation, enema, or, in severe cases, surgery. The solution is to prevent constipation. This could be caused by the diet. It could also be caused by dehydration. Sometimes, cats are prescribed Lactulose to be added to food which will keep the stool moist and alow it to pass normally. In other cases, the muscles in the colon don't do their job properly (megacolon). Sometimes, prescription medications will help.
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Christabella Christabella
A typical approach is to give him some mashed pumpkin (not any with spices) for the fiber. You can also try and give him some olive oil or vegetable oil on his canned food, and see if he will eat it. With constipation you want to get as much liquids into him as possible, so if possible, no dry kibble for awhile.
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Aundria Aundria
Apart from pumpkin, 1 teaspoon of mash peas will do the trick as this has a very high fiber content.
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Aundria Originally Answered: why am i always constipated?
Probably diet is the reason why you are constipated. Good thing is that you are taking more water too. Just have this Digestic by Mimonis in treating your constipation. It works well on us and I am sure it will do the same to you.

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