losing belly fat .?

losing belly fat .? Topic: losing belly fat .?
June 19, 2019 / By Cherry
Question: the best exercises to lose belly fat ? :) and like the amount of times i should repeat the exercise ....
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Ashlynn Ashlynn | 5 days ago
One important thing I always tell to people when im training is that weight loss should be done slowly, not all at once. Your just hurting your body that way. Cardio is very important. You will lose fat all over your body. Try swimming or running. never use a treadmill. Hate those things. bad for your knees and your not getting a real workout. If you want to get slimmer you *Must* tone, so you need to start eating protein and weight train to build muscle. situps, pushups, pulls ups. All great home workouts. Dont do cardio and weight training on the same days. makes it hard to build muscle but i do recommend doing situps after cardio. A good hard workout should be at least 1-2 hours. If your not sweating your not working out. you dont need to workout everyday. Do 3 to 4 times a week and take day breaks to let your muscles recover The hardest part is not making the exercise routine but *sticking with it*. Make working out a habit. I hope this helped. good luck
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Ashlynn Originally Answered: Need tips on losing weight?Is bike riding a good way to lose belly fat?Also foods to eat when ur losing weight?
It is not possible to spot reduce fat in just one part of your body, like your stomach. In order to lose stomach fat you will need to lose the fat all over your body. In short you may need to start: 1) Eating healthier, this means: Eat smaller meals Eat more meals a day Don’t starve yourself Eat more vegetables and fruit Drink more water Less sugars and empty calories (less soft drinks, cakes, cookies) Switch to whole wheat versions of your bread and pasta, brown rice instead of white rice 2) Exercising: Forget crunches, crunches work your ab muscles but they don't burn enough calories to lose belly fat, if you do hundreds of crunches daily you will have great abs but you wont see them under your belly fat. Prefer full body exercises they burn the most calories and increase you metabolism for a few hours after your workout. Get a training partner or a fitness trainer, a very worthwhile investment - of the money you save on junk food for example =) Try also to reduce stress and get enough sleep. Both of these are related to weight gain and emotional eating. For more try: http://www.flatstomachtips.com I wish you all the best, John

Zion Zion
to lose belly fat you need to do cardio workouts. Many people think you need to do ab excersises, but that just builds muscle underneath the fat. That is called excess fat. So you need to to running/jogging, swimming, and cycling to burn it off for about an hour everyday, 5-6 days a week. You won't see any results until about 2-3 weeks. If you have a little to medium amount of fat around the belly it will probablytake 2-4 months for it to be completely gone if you follow my hour per day, 5-6 times a week routine. Once it's completely burned off and you want abs, then you can do abs excersises like sit ups, curl ups, that stuff. But remember dieting is also important. no carbs during the cardio workout time. Eat fiber, fruits (especially citrus, bananas, and bluberries) for vitamin C and antioxidants. hope i helped (:
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Sly Sly
You can lose fat, but all of it at the same time. There's no such thing as spot fat removal. What you want to do is: Eat less and move more. Try to spend at least 30 minutes on running, or 1 hour or so walking/cycling each day. E.g, i go to school everyday by bicycle, and i make the same 5km run two times a week. I can eat everything i want and i weigh 57 kg.
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Orson Orson
Oh not again,fat is ....fat,muscle is....muscle,by exercising a muscle you do NOT burn fat from that area,is your left ear really fat?,do work it out a lot?
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Orson Originally Answered: losing belly fat?
You can't effectively lose fat (especially belly fat) by doing isolated exercises like situps or crunches. Target specific exercising is good for building muscle, but not burning fat in that region. Unfortunately, some form of cardio or interval training is required to get you where you want to go. But you don't have to do something you find boring. Cardio can be going for a brisk walk with the dog, hiking, swimming, or playing a sport that requires more continuous movement (i.e. basketball, football, racketball, etc., but golf doesn't count). However, I do a strength circuit style workout that allows me to get resistance training in while I get a bit of cardio workout too. Find something you like to do that also requires you to exert some effort and that gets you breathing hard. By the way.... Diet is also an important factor. You don't have to go to some extreme though. Here's a link to a good article at Men's Health. http://www.menshealth.com/cda/article.do...

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