I'm gassy but haven't pooped for 5 days?

I'm gassy but haven't pooped for 5 days? Topic: I'm gassy but haven't pooped for 5 days?
September 23, 2019 / By Geraldine
Question: I haven't pooped for 5 days, but I've been passing gas. And I just had some bowel movement, but I got nothing coming out. I drink a 100ml probiotic drink each day, some times I take 2. I have at least half a cup of rice and I've been eating more greens and less meat. And I also drink at least 3 bottles of 500ml sized water or tea. I realize I'm having problems when the doctor prescribed me some medication (Pregabalin) for my bad headaches. Anything I can eat to help this??
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Delphina Delphina | 5 days ago
Suppositories, laxatives and enemas are all totally unnecessary if you eat the right foods. Olive oil is supposed to help as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22o... All fruit and vegetables in very large amounts are laxative. You need to permanently change your diet or you are likely to get colon cancer. Constipation can make you extremely unwell and can lead to colon cancer as it causes a build up of carcinogenic toxins in the system. Perhaps red meat is the culprit as in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22r... as it can take up to 3 days to go through the system. The intake of foods such as milk, cheese, white rice, white flour and red meat should be restricted, because they tend to contribute to constipation. Any food that has had the fiber stripped out, the nutrients processed out or slows down the digestion is a constipation culprit. Here's a list of foods shown to cause constipation problems: •Meats, especially fatty meats, red meat and processed meats, •Dairy Products, such as cheese, ice cream and whole milk, •Fast Foods – burgers, French fries and other fried foods, pizza, etc., •Refined grains, like white rice or any refined white flour products, •Highly starchy foods – white potatoes, corn and all refined grains, •Pastries and other high sugar products, such as cakes, cookies and pies, •Deep-fried foods, chips and other foods that are high in bad fats. You can see lots more in http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?p=%22n... which tells you "Natural Ways to Relieve Constipation" and the right foods to eat.
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Delphina Originally Answered: What's wrog? haven't pooped but took half of the bottle of benefiber?
Two weeks? Yikes! That's a VERY BIG deal.. If you let it be, the poop inside your intestine will decompose inside your body (you don't want that, do you?). You need to see a doctor immediately. The poop may have hardened, so it doesn't matter if you drink laxatives or benefiber cause it can't be pushed out. In the mean time, try noy to eat anything and srink looots of water. Hopefully the water will flush it out. It's more effective in the morning. Drink at least 1 litre of water right after you wake up. You'll feel funny, but it works everytime for me. Oh yea, don't wait until you wanna go poop. Just sit in the toilet and wait.. Next time, try to poop every morning. Drink a glass of water after you wake up and force yourself to poop. Your body will get use to pooping every morning. Hope this helps. Don't forget to see the doctor!
Delphina Originally Answered: What's wrog? haven't pooped but took half of the bottle of benefiber?
If your a guy then you will poop eventually, if you are a girl its ging to probably take a little longer since guys poop more than girls do.

Caileigh Caileigh
Make sure you drink enough water not too much but at least 6 ounces. Eat enough fiber, and at least 2 cups of fruits and vegetables each day. Also exercise daily. If the problem persist go back to the doctor or at least pray about it.
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Almira Almira
in some people there **** cycle is about 4 day's please eat fiber in your diet it will the **** out of you.
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Almira Originally Answered: 6 weeks and constipated. . haven't gone in a few days. . help!?
Aww sweetie I know what you are going through! I'm almost 7 weeks and been going through the same thing.. The list of safe medications you get from your doctor should have things you can take for it... If you haven't been to the doctor yet, ill list my below.. Constipation: whole grain foods, plenty of water [ 6, 8 oz glases a day] fiberall, metamucil, colace, or senekot. Constipation is often a problem due to both physical changes and extra iron. Eat plenty of bluky foods sick as bran, whole west breads and cereals. Fresh frusta and veggies, and drinking water will help. Also the safe laxatives listed above. If you have nausea or morning sickness Emetrol is amazing! Its non-prescription and works magic!

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