How to gain weight AND muscle with a high metabolism?

How to gain weight AND muscle with a high metabolism? Topic: How to gain weight AND muscle with a high metabolism?
January 29, 2020 / By Earnestine
Question: Alright so I'm 15, male, 5'9-ish, 125 pounds-ish. As you can see, I really do have a very high metabolism, which means its very hard for me to gain weight and therefore very hard for me to gain muscle. But I am SICK of being the scrawny guy. I hate looking at myself in the mirror and seeing my scrawny body and I want to do something about it. I am right now on a high protein diet. I am consuming around 3000 calories a day. I am trying my hardest to eat at least 4 meals a day. With school and work its a little hard to eat frequently. I am also obviously lifting weights. But here is where one big problem comes in. With my body type, how many days should I be lifting to get maximum results but without hurting myself from working out too much? I am thinking 3 days a week, Monday Wednesday and Friday for upper body. Then 2 days a week, Tuesday and Thursday for lower body. Is this too much or too little? I really want to get the MAXIMUM results possible. I am SICK of being so scrawny. So again if anyone has any tips on how to gain weight and muscle with a high metabolism then please let me know. And also if anyone knows how many days I should be working out a week to get maximum results without hurting myself by working out too much then also please let me know! Help me out here? Thanks!
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Celinda Celinda | 6 days ago
Well, muscle is weight. What you can do is eat around a 50% carb 35% pro and 15% fat (From calories...) And continue what your doing. Over some time you'll gain some weight. Some people just don't carry extra weight very well. Make sure you eat at least 5 times a day, 6 if you can but 5 is good enough. Also, at 3000 calories you should be gaining a few extra pounds if not add another 2-300 calories after a few weeks if nothing add another 2-300 and continue until you gain some. If it stops again after a couple weeks jump up another 2-300 calories. You can go to 35-40% protein but then thats getting high. Also make sure you get at least 15% of fat. Fat is needed to gain muscle AND weight. Your carbs is where you get most of your calories from. If it's hard to get that high of calories take a little more fat in. If it's hard to get high in calories, find calorie dense foods such as peanut butter which is VERY healthy, and nuts which are also dense in protein and fat. GL
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Celinda Originally Answered: how can i gain weight if i have a high metabolism?
It's really hard to gain weight if you have high metabolism. If you already eat a lot then I guess you're healthy. You could try doing exercises that build up muscle- just don't do cardio! I am really short like you and it's a total pain... all my friends are so much taller! I dunno if you want to chat and swap tips and stuff?? If you want to mail me through my profile that's cool. Claire xox
Celinda Originally Answered: how can i gain weight if i have a high metabolism?
Yeah I'd suggest a type of weight gainer too. My boyfriend is a body builder and he drinks these shakes every day that are like over a 1000 calories! I don't know too much about them as I definitely don't have that kind of metabolism, but yeah, go to GNC or a health store and ask about stuff like that. Though they are kind of expensive I think...maybe it's just the brand he uses but it costs him like 50 bucks for a container!

Annmarie Annmarie
In all honesty it seems like your diet is about right, and as far as exercising goes I'm no expert but it's been explained to me like this. Basically it depends on how much time/effort you want to put in. I work out with weights every other day. On my off days, I also go for a short jog for about 2-3 miles. While exercising, first figure out how much weight you can put on and still get around 8-10 reps the first time. From there, do 3-4 sets, aiming for a minimum of 6 reps at the end of the last set. Make sure you're alternating between 2 different muscle groups. I usually do biceps/quadriceps, triceps/abs, pectorals/shoulders, lower back/hamstrings. If you do it right, you should be sore the next day. This will let you know that you successfully tore down the muscle and your body is rebuilding it stronger with the protein from your diet. Believe me I know your pain, I'm 5'11, I was 150lbs a month ago and I'm up to 160 now. I just got shoved around in any contact sport even though I am stronger than some of the guys who could knock me around like a pinball. It's not easy >.>
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Yarwood Yarwood
You should probably consult with a nutritionist. There are probably specific things you could do and consume to put on a little weight in a healthy manner. Or you could binge eat all the time! :)
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Yarwood Originally Answered: How can I gain weight when I have a high metabolism?
Okay. I think it's really important that you research things before getting into a diet or exercise program. It really prevents you from making mistakes and wasting your time. You cannot magically build muscle mass. You need to go to the gym and have a proper weight lifting routine. Building muscle has nothing to do with metabolism. FAT gain or loss has to do with metabolism. So just because you have a high metabolism doesn't mean you aren't going to gain muscle mass. It doesn't even make it harder to gain muscle mass. It has no effect period. Of course just changing your diet is going to make NO difference in the amount of muscle mass you have. You need to workout. Then you also need to understand that even a male who is eating right and has a proper lifting routine is only going to gain about 1lb of muscle per month. It doesn't magically come on. You can't expect to hit the gym for a weekend and gain 15lbs of muscle and look like 50 cent. It's NOT going to happen. Creatine is a very unhealthy supplement and you need to avoid taking it. It taxes the liver and kidneys which down the road lead to damage and problems. New medical evidence shows that it actually can effect other hormone levels in the body. So my advice is to stop taking it. You should be consuming around 100-120 grams of protein on the days you lift. You don't need more protein on the days you don't. Because you want to gain weight (even body fat) you should get all your protein needs from the food you eat, not supplements. Supplements are great for people who have a hard time getting protein in because of dietary or calorie limits. Your body will ALWAYS use nutrients you get in your food far better than it will any supplement. So definitely focus on getting all of it in your food. But you need to research proper ways to gain muscle mass and you need to have realistic goals. Thinking you can gain massive amounts of weight in a couple months isn't realistic. -Connor

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