Does eating eggs help you gain weight or lose weight?

Does eating eggs help you gain weight or lose weight? Topic: Does eating eggs help you gain weight or lose weight?
November 17, 2019 / By Alexa
Question: I have been told that if you are a female trying to lose weight you should include eggs in your diet along with lots of vegetables. On the other hand I have recently heard that men who are trying to gain lost of weight fast eat eggs as well. I am trying to lose weight so should I eat eggs daily and if so how many?
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Best Answers: Does eating eggs help you gain weight or lose weight?

Tudor Tudor | 9 days ago
Eggs can be fine for either losing or gaining weight. It depends on how many you eat and how often, as well as what else you eat. For gaining weight, eggs are a good protein source, so men trying to load up on protien will eat lots of eggs. For losing weight, watch your total calories. Hopefully, you are eating more than just eggs and veggies. That would be a very boring diet.
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Tudor Originally Answered: why have i gained weight after eating eggs and some cheese on a ketogenic diet?
1. Your weight will fluxuate throughout the day. You could be five pounds heavier at the end of the day then at the beginning of it. That's normal. 2. This is the stupidest diet I have ever heard of. The second you quit you will gain all this and more back. It's extremely unhealthy. If you want to lose weight, just cut out desert, make healthier meals, and do cardio and strength training regularly. All this calorie counting and dieting crap is just that... Crap. It's unhealthy and stupid. Losing weight is a lot simpler than the media is making it out to be.

Richard Richard
Eggs are high in protein, so they can be beneficial in a diet. Men eat them for the protein alone, most likely on a HIGH protein diet to bulk up and build muscle. Eating eggs in moderation is good for women. It provides a healthy amount of protein and calcium. Rather than worry about how many eggs to eat, work on getting a 40-30-30 ratio of carbs-protein-fat in your diet. Also include fiber (at least 25g). One Large Hard-boiled Egg Contains: Calories 78 Fat 5.3g (Sat. Fat 1.6g) Cholesterol 212.0mg Protein 6.3g Sodium 62mg Carbs 0.6g Calcium 25mg
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Merari Merari
Eggs are a high source of cholestrol and can be dangerous if eaten on a daily basis in the long run. I think if you want to lose weight you should avoid eating them everyday, although they are healthy if eaten in the right amount.
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Jonathan Jonathan
i think it'd be fine if you had an egg or two a day. it's healthy protein, which is what you need to lose weight. the guys that eat eggs probly eat a lot of 'em all the time.
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Hal Hal
First, ask your Doctor. Second, Ask Paul Newman. He ate 50 eggs in the movie "Cool Hand Luke" and died in the end, but not from the eggs.
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Eb Eb
combine your resistance training with short bursts of high intensity cardio to increase your post workout calorie burn
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Eb Originally Answered: what drawbacks are there to "The Adkins Diet"? (especially when start eating grains again after lose weight, will gain weight back again?)?
The answers really depend on a lot of things. IF you don't ingest ANY sugars at all and keep your total grams of carbohydrate (from veggies) to less than 20 grams and also eat enough fat, you shouldn't be hungry at all and your cravings for carbs should subside. However, if you have used carbs as comfort food and have an emotional attachment to them, you may crave them -- nor so much physically but psychologically. The theory behind Atkins is that your force your body into a state of ketosis in which it will burn fat instead of sugar for fuel. If you are also creating a calorie deficit, you should lose weight. If you end up eating 2,500 calories a day and only burn 1,700 you will not. It will also not work if you cheat and introduce carbs. It takes a few days to get your body into ketosis and only one piece of bread to take you out and then the "magic" of this diet stops working. Because Atkins is based on ketosis and a lifestyle you clearly aren't interested in maintaining, it is very likely that you will put the weight back on once you stop following the Atkins diet. If you want to eat carbs, then you really should try an eating plan/diet that includes those carbs and teaches you how to control your portion size and food choices to eat the right amount to reach a healthy weight. Weight loss is hard but keeping it off is a lot harder. If you can't learn how to eat to maintain your new weight, you will start overeating again and the weight will creep back.

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