My symptoms are excessive weight gain, eating when mad and bored, joint pain, pain when I use the bathroom etc?

My symptoms are excessive weight gain, eating when mad and bored, joint pain, pain when I use the bathroom etc? Topic: My symptoms are excessive weight gain, eating when mad and bored, joint pain, pain when I use the bathroom etc?
November 13, 2019 / By Alease
Question: My symptoms are excessive weight gain, eating when really mad and bored, feeling really stressed out and being really mean and snappy, joint pain, pain when I use the bathroom (it's not cramps, I actually only get cramps always on the first day of my period and its for a couple hours. Sometimes I don't even get that) but its only pain when I'm FINISHING my business, on and off depression/good mood/bad mood cycle (which technically is just about everyday regardless of the time of the month), I am suppose to start my period in the next day or to and I also have been drinking a lot more water within the last couple days which is when i decided to weigh myself and I noticed and 5-8 pound increase in weight but I don't feel and look heavier and my measurements are still the same. The joint pain just recently started and the bathroom pain has been going on for a couple days. It may be just PMS but please I would love a really SERIOUS and HONEST, TRUTHFUL answer because its driving me crazy. What is exactly is it please?????
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Best Answers: My symptoms are excessive weight gain, eating when mad and bored, joint pain, pain when I use the bathroom etc?

Tristin Tristin | 1 day ago
Every woman is different, so your PMS could include everything you just listed. The excessive weight gain and eating when you are mad and bored, if the weight gain is still around after your period than it probably is more than bloating and you a emotional eater which is causing the weight gain. Also, you could be depressed and that can cause the moodiness, the emotional eating and the weight gain. The pain after using the bathroom, if it is after you pee that is probably a bladder infection and they are very common with woman BUT you do need to tell your parents about the bathroom pain, that needs to be addressed medically and checked out to make sure everything is ok. You are a teenage girl, so you are going to be all over the place emotionally, but if you are still moody after your period, then you may be depressed and there is medication that can help with that and if that is the case the medication would also address the emotional eating. If you notice that you are eating and you are not hungry, put the food down and go for a walk. Exercise is proven to help with depression. Good Luck
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Tristin Originally Answered: My wife suffers chronic pain from lupus. Joint pain, headaches,muscle pain, bone pain, sharp back pain and is?
The pain associated with lupus is usually a result of inflammation. The inflammation is the result of an immune system that has gone mad. If the inflammation is not treated the pain will return as soon as the drugs wear off. Lupus patients on pain management (which I think is a good idea in this case) often change meds periodically because patients can build up a tolerance to the pain medications, rendering them less effective. The pain causes anxiety (fear, depression, etc) which in turn aggravate the lupus and create more inflammation and pain. When you feel like your life and your body are out of control, of course you will be anxious. And telling someone to "just think positive" only causes more aggravation when you are in pain and afraid. You wife might considering seeing a pain management specialist for the pain and a good mental health counselor to deal with the emotional issues that come along with a chronic and incurable illness like lupus. Psychologists who work with oncology (cancer) patients are likely to understand the issues.

Reilly Reilly
It's most likely PMS. I get symptoms like that sometimes too. Not really the pain when I pee...but most of the others, yes.
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Meed Meed
weight gain is ur first prob do ex. and ur bathroom prob has to do with some burns or bumps in internal vaigina everthing else is normal
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Johnnie Johnnie
Yeah. probably just pms. but if you are still concerned have your doctor check it out. hope this helped! <3 kailey .
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Johnnie Originally Answered: Chest pain, arm pain, back pain, and feeling of unbalance, what could this be?
Huummmm possibly an autoimmune disease e.g. lupus, multiple sclerosis (possible initial phases of it), etc or any other CNS illness but yeah i know when no one has the answers and we're on so much pain and docs just think nah it's just anxiety but yeah i know how that feels. hope this gave a little of info though. Any blurred/double vision? Dizziness? Umm loss of balance? problems walking? Tingling and or numbness or pins and needles? Any of these along with what u describing can be a CNS illness or even a stroke I'm not really sure sure but if u try to look up these things and see the similar symptoms (i know it sounds ridiculous but do it and then u can have a broader idea of what it might be). More info would be helpful but there u go that's what I could think so far. Oh yeah or simply could be something on ur back a sliped disk/sciatica, or pulled muscle could do the trick to 'cause if not all most of the symptoms. Also Pleurisy/pericarditis or even costochondritis for chest pain if not related to the back. Hope this helped. And sorry this was just a burst of what it could be but that's what it came to my mind. If u need answers in more detail or unsure about anything just ask. All the best and do and get it evaluated again. :)

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