i need help on diet pills!?

i need help on diet pills!? Topic: i need help on diet pills!?
September 18, 2019 / By Aiyana
Question: i want to try acai berry diet pills cause they seem to work for everyone. they say 18 and older tho. im only 14 and i really need to lose weight cause im almost in the overweight zone. even tho im not 18 would i be able to use them still?
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Tranter Tranter | 1 day ago
You can use them but there is no medical evidence to back their claims and some people not happy with the way they're being marketed. Acai's popularity has surged on bogus marketing claims, said Jonny Bowden, a certified nutrition specialist and author of several health books. "Virtually every berry -- blueberry, strawberry, goji, acai -- are anti-inflammatory and high in antioxidants," Bowden said. "This particular one is exotic. It's found in Brazil. It's been marketed to have more of a magic ingredient. It's been over-hyped and marketed to death. There are claims to curing cancer, curing baldness that is all over the place." Like most berries, acai has good nutritional qualities, but "there is not a drop of research" that supports marketing claims that it prevents weight gain and facial wrinkles, Bowden said. If you must try it go to a health food store or Walmart.
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Tranter Originally Answered: are thier any diet pills i mean pills that actually take off a couple pounds a person can buy over the counter?
Not really. There are some that have ingredients that can act like appetite suppressants, but in my experience, I start to tolerate them after a while and they lose any effect. Frankly, I think all the pills on the market are a waste of money. You will always find somebody who had success with a diet or diet product, but anecdotes don't equal facts. The key to weight loss is eating less and exercising more. Your body needs to use more calories than you are taking in. Track your food and your exercise to see how you are doing.

Reece Reece
Don't buy them. Exercise instead. It worked for me. I like how the 15 kid thinks he is a Guru on weight loss. Stay away from weight loss pills. You can attain every thing you want through diet and exercise. I could give you many many reasons both personal and learned but that would go on for a while so please just take my advice. Im 34 and I have had three back surgeries. I spent a year in a wheel chair and my legs atrophied and I put on a lot of belly fat. Well guess what? I Got it all off WITHOUT pills. Not im running 4 miles a day and have lost all of the weight. My first cousin had a heart attack at 29 from an over the counter weight loss pill. It raised his heart rate which put too much stress on his heart. Also thinking that something is safe just because it is from nature, like acai berry, doesnt mean its safe. Shall I start things from nature that one should never ingest?
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Maverick Maverick
Im pretty much a guru on weight loss.. Diet Pills..Everyone on here is going to tell you how they dont work and how they bullshit..blah blah blah...They are right and wrong.. Diet Pills are something I take but hun.. Diet Pills are stimulants... They give you a burst of energy and somewhat suppress your appetite.. If you want to lose weight then here are some tips.. First.. if you buy the diet pills then your only going to notice more evergy and a lessened appetite..thats it.. two...your 14 ... all of this crap where they say exercise and diet is the only way..there wrong.. im 15 .. 5'8 and Im 130 pounds..I lost about 15 pounds by dieting..I was and still am anorexic...First of all dont starve yourself.. bad idea..its extremely addictive and your body first eats your fat then it eats your muscles... then alot of other things happen.. you can lose A TON of weight by cutting those carbohydrates out.. keep your carbs under 40 carbs a day and only eat up to 1000 calories a day for a month.... eat alot of protein and eat 3 MEALS A DAY...For breakfast... two eggs .. onlly 80 cals and low on carbs.. then eat lunch..like a lean cuisine... which is about 200 to 300 cals... then eat a small dinner.... eat a lean cuisine OR have some lean meats like chicken .. very small amount of it too... your breakfast should be 100 calories or under..lunch 300 cals or under and dinner 600 cals or under...I used to starve and it works to an extent but then the weight just plops right back on along with psychological and health issues.. Just do that for a month andyou will lose alot of weight.. each pound of fat is about 1300 calories.. So..if you cutting out 1000 a day then you will lose a decent amount of weight and your body wont go into starvation mode.. your food cravings should go away within the first to second week..but FIGHT THOSE CRAVINGS..FIGHT THEM...but this diet will help you lose weight in the short term and keep it off in the long term..but once you lose the weight DONT go back to a 2000 calorie a day diet.. only go up to like 1500 at the most..this WILL help becacuse i lose weight with a diet like this..GOOD LUCK
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Jock Jock
You will be fine. Acai berry is a fruit and the diet is just using its extract in a pill form. The 18 year old warning is because that is when you are technically an adult and capable of making sound decision for yourself, your health, and your body.
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Jock Originally Answered: Anyone tried Slim Quick diet pills and how big are the pills?
Taking pills was a huge turn off but looking at slimquick they actually had some alternatives. - they have packets that mix into water- try these you can get mixed berry or lemonade flavor. You are also hydrating and don't need to swallow horse pills! I have lost about 20lbs in just over 2 months and feel awesome. you can look them up online-they also have some pretty neat tools. good luck,cheers

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