Can i loose weight in 10 days?

Can i loose weight in 10 days? Topic: Can i loose weight in 10 days?
September 17, 2019 / By Abagail
Question: My friends wedding is in like 10 days, i wanted to loose 10 or 15 pounds for her wedding, but i think its probably too late. How much weight can i loose in 10 days? If i eat healthy, less, drink water, and walk everday?
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Sorrel Sorrel | 4 days ago
Ok, you can lose some, but probobly not as much as you want. Go a few days or just eating protien, ie fish, meat. AVOID carbohydrates and sugar. Fizzy drinks are BANNED. Walk a lot, and do as much excersise as you can. Drink water frequently. If you are going to eat fruit, do so for breakfast. Modern society has taught us that eating fruit and vegetables will make us lose weight, but fruit has lots of sugar, so suprisingly does some vegetables. Losing weight is just tapping into your energy reserves in the form of fat. Eating protien will help this, and wont' make you feel hungry as you lose loads amount of fat.
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Sorrel Originally Answered: Whats one way to loose weight in 3-7 days?
It's impossible to lost 25 lbs in 4 days. That would mean losing over 5 lbs a day. Impossible without surgery. You can start exercising a ton (lots of cardio/jogging/sprinting and crunches, push ups, etc). Do not eat any red meat or fat during this time, and limit your calorie intake to 1000 calories. Any lower than this will leave you extremely exhausted and certainly starving. Stop drinking juice and pop and drink only water. Eat small healthy snacks like yogurt and nuts instead of big meals. All this work will help you lose a couple pounds if you're lucky. Taking laxatives will give you belly aches/cramps and can make you dehydrated. If you're too dehydrated you can end up in the hospital and then you'd have to miss Mexico and the wedding. Not worth it. Also, starving yourself and trying to lose weight this fast will make you dizzy, constantly hungry, exhausted, and cranky. Do you really want to go to Mexico feeling like this? Why don't you get a bigger size dress or just get the dress but also buy a sheer shawl to drape over your shoulders to hide any bulges? You should have started working on this months ago. Now it's too late to lose anything but a couple pounds, and even that will take drastic work. Just be happy with yourself. It's your aunt's wedding, NOT your wedding. All eyes will be on her, not you. Just work with what you've got and work on losing weight and getting in better shape when you get back.
Sorrel Originally Answered: Whats one way to loose weight in 3-7 days?
The strolling is solely excellent, I want I might get all people to do it like this! Be certain to supply your self someday off every week for recuperation too, your frame will want it. Food performs a massive side in weight achieve, and so does heredity of path. If that is anything that your household has, you would gain knowledge of to are living with it, however it is well that you are toning up! If you are going to have thighs you would as good have satisfactory ones! I, for one, can respect any type of a frame construct if it is company. Consider this: Cut again to your quantities approximately part, certainly at night time. Limit those meals to simply a few times every week: cheeses, sugary treats, rapid meals, fried meals. These simply pile the fats on! Hope a few of this is helping ....

Osgood Osgood
well versed in this field. you could loose a few lbs by starving and voiding waste and water. Problem is doing permanent damage to your self. Loosing weight fast is poor idea. Get some exercise and start eating as much fiber as you can. Reject white breads and starch foods. Will take a few lbs off you and make you healthier. eating Total raisin brand cereal three times a day as well as regular meals will help speed your bowels. Will make you loose weight while eating good foods. Do not eat things like white breads and cheese that slows the bowels. Be happy, I would bet you looks great right now, just your personal feeling of desire.
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Leolin Leolin
I've lost 14 pounds in a week - and I'm telling you now, it's not something you want to do. I have never been so miserable in my life, and I felt like death. I did that by eating less than 500 calories per day, dehydrating myself, doing 3 hours of kickboxing, and running miles upon miles - every single day. If you want to feel healthy, start now by eating clean (lots of veggies and fruit), lean protein, and tons of water. You'll feel good on the inside and it'll show on the outside. Don't press yourself to lose the weight, you'll only end up unhappy and feeling sick.
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Leolin Originally Answered: how many possible pounds can you loose in 7 days?
7-14 pounds in possible. Workout: Power 90x...go to beachbody.com Diet: 7 day cabbage soup diet....should lose 10-15 in a week. Look it up on the internet. Weight Watchers Points...works like a charm. Xenedrine 8hr NRG diet pills: No side affects, just supresses cravings. I mixed it up so I wouldn't get bored and lost 60lbs since may. Still losing.

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