Vegetarian looking to lose weight.?

Vegetarian looking to lose weight.? Topic: Vegetarian looking to lose weight.?
June 19, 2019 / By Abaigeal
Question: I'm a college student, and I just discovered that the gym at my school is totally free to use! I only have classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays, but I have no problem driving to campus to work out on the other days when I'm not working. I'm just wondering what a good workout routine is that won't burn me out and will help me lose weight. I'm 5'4" and weigh around 169 pounds - I have flab that I know I can get rid of, I just want to be able to do it! I also want some potential food suggestions... I know you should drink a lot of water, but what else can I do? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really want to lose weight and I know I can do it, I just need to know exactly how. I figured I'd ask here rather than google it because you guys are real people with really kind advice. :] I'm also a vegetarian, so I don't want any grilled chicken or anything like that but if anyone has any suggestions of what I can do healthily with tofu and veggies and stuff, let me know! Thanks!
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Spike Spike | 7 days ago
When you are losing weight, you should exercise and diet together. If you exercise without dieting, you will get bigger appetite, which will lead to increase of weight, or muscle grow underneath the fat layer, and make you bulkier. If you diet without exercising, you will become flabby and will have excess skin. For diet, go wheat free. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food after 7 p.m. People achieve marvellous results with it. Depending on your initial weight, you can drop upwards from 20 pounds a month. If you don't eat wheat then you don't eat all those sticky, fatty goey cakes, you don't eat junk food, and you don't eat biscuits. But your diet is still balanced. It costs nothing, and you do not have to calculate points or to buy special meals or plans. For exercising, start with walking, and then switch to running/jogging. Running is the most efficient and calorie-burn exercise ever. If you are overweight a lot, walk first or you may have health complications (heart attack, disjointed bones and so on). Weight lifting is a good means to target your problem areas for men and women. It's not necessarily to become a bodybuilder or even join a gym - a couple of dumbbells will help you to target your problem areas (stomach, butt, legs, arms, chest).
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Spike Originally Answered: How fast can one lose weight being vegetarian?
It depends on what you eat. Vegetarians can eat ice cream, cake potato chips, sodas, etc. There are lots of overweight vegetarians. If you truly eat only vegetables, I'd expect you'd lose weight pretty quick because they are low in calories. If you add cheese sauce, butter, etc. to them, you'll increase the calories....then what's the point? Research has shown over and over that people are healthier on a balanced died: some meat, some veggies, some fruit, restrict processed grains (rice, pasta) and sugar. And they keep the weight off better on that diet than on a strict, restricted diet of any kind.

Ossian Ossian
muscle burns at least four times as many calories as fat does so try twenty minutes of strength straining two to three times a week
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Leroi Leroi
identify the emotional triggers that lead you to seek unhealthy comfort food picture your goal weight the next time a trigger strikes to help you resist temptation
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Jamar Jamar
I'm also a vegetarian and trying to lose weight, and I've already lost 13 lbs in a month. I basically stick to a 1000-1300 calorie a day diet, but you might want to add a little more because you're supposed to have 1,200-1,400 at least. When I want something starchy and I have to have it I make sure it's whole grain, pasta, bread, whatever. I also eat whole grains like kasha (which is actually really good with a little olive oil and salt) instead of rice with a meal. Always eat breakfast, even if it's just a yogurt. My choice diet breakfast is a 90 cal yogurt and a half a slice of whole grain toast with peanut butter on it. Starting your day off with protein is really helpful because it keeps you full longer. If you like to cook, which I love to do, you can always make yourself a vegetable stir fry with soy sauce and maple syrup over kasha, and you can add in some tofu/other meat subsitute if you want more protein. As for exercise I don't have access to a gym but I use the biggest loser cardio max tape along with a the weight training biggest loser tape and another core tape. I also have a treadmill in my house so if i'm not up to a full cardio routine I just run. I try to exercise 5-6 times a week for at least an hour. You should interchange cardio and weight training for ultimate weight loss. If you do that you should definitely see results. Good luck losing the weight<3!
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Foster Foster
Hello, I would start by using the treadmill at least 3 days a week for at least 30 minutes. Start by using the incline at 2 or 3% grade and try to walk at a fairly fast pace, pumping your arms. The miles per hour will depend on your stride and comfort level. You should walk briskly and be able to speak but prefer not to. I would also begin strength training by using hand weights at least three days a week preferably following your cardio/treadmill workout. If you are unsure of how to do the exercises and do not want to hire a personal trainer, I would recommend buying Fitness magazine, they always have great exercise ideas. Or, you could purchase some of the great workout dvd's that are out there. I find "10 Minute Solution" to be great for someone just getting started. Purchase some hand weights and try it at home! Good luck!
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Davy Davy
Hmm. It's so tough being a vegetarian sometimes but kudos to you! This is what I do when I'm fasting for religious reasons (basically following a vegan yet nutritious diet) 1. plenty of water --no soda or alcohol 2. fiber for breakfast (this can be done with 1/4 cup of cereal with soy milk and a yummy fruit like strawberries!) 3. for lunch I rely heavily on protein -- soybeans, lentil soup, etc. unforutnately I can't meat and neither can you but I can't eat cheese either. If you can definitely add a tiny bit of that here too! And some crackers 4. for dinner I do a healthy salad and get a good intake of veggies. again plenty of water 5. vitamins! so important! if you want some examples of yummy veggie recipes you can definitely check out : http://i-dietandfitness.com/ Hope that helps! :)
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Davy Originally Answered: I've gained wait since becoming a vegetarian? How can I lose all my weight to what i was before?
I am a vegetarian, and I have not gained or lost any weight because I'm doing it the right way. You are probably too young to realize the essential nutrition you need to be a vegetarian, so you probably should go back to eating meat, unless you wise up and read a book on vegetarianism or something. Eat healthier! Take supplements, maybe protein shakes for convenience. Feel free to message me for more tips. Edit: To all those people who are saying Vegetarianism is "one of the worst diets you've ever seen" then you're obviously retarded. By your standards, a diet is probably some fad, and vegetarianism/veganism is a lifestyle and a Perfectly healthy way of living. If you don't think it's healthy, you're doing it wrong. Anemia? Is that your only argument? First off, I've been a vegetarian for half my life, and I am healthier now than I have ever been, that's including never having anemia. If I don't feel like I'm getting enough of my nutrients, even though it's SO easy, I can take a supplement. Ever hear of protein shakes? Tofu? Veggie burgers? The list goes on. If you wanna have battle of the food choices, then I would definitely say Vegetarians and Vegans are healthier. Low cholesterol = no heart attack. The math is simple enough for me. People, read a book or two before you pass judgement on something you obviously know nothing about.

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