20 year old male needs to lose belly fat?

20 year old male needs to lose belly fat? Topic: 20 year old male needs to lose belly fat?
December 15, 2019 / By Kian
Question: I need to lose my belly fat so i can have my abs show, I get to the gym M W F and start off by using the elliptical for 5 mins, i usually get a mile out of that (I cant run on a treadmill due to a knee accident 8 years ago). Then i use the triceps an biceps machine, and also use a chest press machine. If someone could suggest a better routine that would be great, also i need some advice on what to eat, I eat fairly well but i'm in college and find myself eating bad at sometimes. thanks in advance
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Hue Hue | 5 days ago
Well the routine seems pretty well but one of the best ways to lose your belly fat would be doing sit-ups everyday.Around 200-300 situps a day would make your abs show in about 2months and 500situps would make them show in about 1month.Also stay away from greasy food and try and eat as helthy as you can.I know it might be hard in college but try your best.
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Hue Originally Answered: How can can a 17 year old male increase his metabolism to burn some belly fat and man boobs?
All the doctors and dieticians say targeted weight loss is impossible, specifically in the waist and belly zones, but I achieved it with acai berry. I acknowledge they say that pills won't work, nevertheless they definitely worked for me, and they've been featured on the Rachael Ray Show too. There is a free trial going on at the moment at http://polepd.freewell.info , why not check it out, what is the worst that could happen?

Enosh Enosh
Don’t focus on your imperfections, spotlight your best bits. Tiny waist? Belt it in. Lovely bust? Lower the neckline. Nicely toned butt? Rock tight jeans. Attractive legs? Show ‘em off. It’s really that simple.
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Colby Colby
For sandwich-lovers, use spinach or swiss chard leaves as an alternative to a wrap, skip the portion of cheese, and load up on the veggies.
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Apollyon Apollyon
Add cooked whole grains into a salad to increase the fibers and protein and make the meal feel as pleasing.
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Apollyon Originally Answered: Weight loss for a 18 year old male?
RANDOM WEIGHTLOSS INFORMATION Hot water makes you feel full (yay tea!) Cold water increases metabolism Cinnamon increases metabolism Eliminating too many calories causes your body to go into starvation mode, actually lowering your metabolism and you start loosing muscle as your body clings to its fat BMI is not always accurate, so it should be used as a guideline towards a healthy weight, not a strict method of determining how healthy you are. Muscle weighs more than fat, but fat takes up more room than muscle. So you could have 5g of muscle and 5g of fat, but the fat portion would be bigger. The scale and the mirror almost always tell two different stories. It takes at least a week to start seeing results. You should not lose more than 2 pounds a week. Anything more (unless you are very overweight) is unhealthy and unsafe. When something is fat-free, it doesn’t mean there isn’t a crapload of calories hiding in the sugar. Always double check. 20 minutes of interval training can burn as many calories as one hour of slow, steady cardio. The slow up and down is really only useful on the down. Explode with energy on the up when lifting weights. The more joints you engage, the more muscles you work. When you only have weights on one side when doing lunges and such, it engages your core as your body needs to stay balanced and centered. Weights should be heavy enough that you can only do twelve reps with proper form - the last one being hard, but not impossible. Chocolate milk after a workout is the perfect mix of carbs, fat and protein that will help you build muscle, reduce soreness and recover faster. Do your strength training, then cardio. In a study in Japan, men who did this burned twice as much fat as those who didn’t do strength beforehand. Increasing the uphill on your run by just 3% can reduce shock to your legs by 24%. do light activity when you’re sore - metabolites in your sore areas (the pain causers) are dispersed as the blood flow increases, meaning you recover up to 40% faster. Take breaks. When you workout you put tiny rips in your muscles, and your strength comes from these muscles healing. Giving yourself at least a day or two of rest a week is actually beneficial. Good Luck :)

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