I know the Cowboys have this great "Pro Bowl" team but.?

I know the Cowboys have this great "Pro Bowl" team but.? Topic: I know the Cowboys have this great "Pro Bowl" team but.?
June 18, 2019 / By Charlotte
Question: Who else can't wait for them to fail once again?? I hope the Redskins can play them in the playoffs. I bet they will be picked to win the superbowl. I hate the cowboys but i do respect them. Im not gonna say they suck.
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Best Answers: I know the Cowboys have this great "Pro Bowl" team but.?

Arielle Arielle | 7 days ago
Alright are u pigg fan too.. How are you buddy, I am a cowboy fan! Cowboys and Redskins go way back in Rivary! Whenever they play the best and worst team go out of the window and it's just football and it doesn't matter who is better and who is not! Yes on paper we (Dallas Cowboys) have the best team, but they have to prove it in playoffs! To tell u the truth the Dallas fans are so tired of our teams being the best team in regular season and then loose in playoffs! Will see what happens and to answer to ur ?? i would like to see them win the SuperBowl!! You philly$uck4ever u don't know jack and also 1st win some superbowl then talk trash u ediot philly fans!!!
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Arielle Originally Answered: Which team deserves the title as" The Real America's Team" the Dallas Cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers?
the steelers are the real america's team. i live in northern va and this is suppose to be redskins town but their are two steelers sports bars here and i heard their is another in richmond, va, its steelers sports bars all over america. face facts cowboys fan yall phony and romo will never win a super bowl!

Zebedee Zebedee
That is why they play the games on sunday. Dallas has a very impressive team but thr best team dosnt always win. does anyone think the Giants had a better team then the Pats? If you do you were smoking something. lol In the NFL you better be playing you best football at the end of the year and leading into the playoffs. The cowboys have stuggled for the last 3 or 4 years at the end of the year. giants were playing well at the end of the year last year and they made it happen. Same with the Steelers a few years back
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Sid Sid
my thoughts exactly. they're going to be the Atlanta Braves of the 90s for football. all the talent in the world and nothing to show for it (and yes i know they won ONE world series, but with a team like that they should have had at least 5). they're the sexy pic for the bowl because they look good on paper, but they don't have team chemistry and that will doom them. The Eagles will win the division and Toni (the female version) will be at home watching with Terrible Owens and Co. AGAIN. Tell TONI Romo that there's really no such thing as a turf monster because I hear he's been doing research on it! You Cowpie fans are SOO funny. Haven't won JACK in over 10 years and STILL think you're the greatest. NEWS FLASH: Aikmans retired, Smiths retired, and THE EAGLES ENDED YOUR COKEHEAD WR'S CAREER AND THEN WE BOOED HIM WHEN HE GOT CARRIED OFF THE FIELD. You're no longer 'Americas Team'. You're has beens who have NEVER been. And yes, we haven't won a superbowl, but we've DOMINATED THE NFC EAST and there ain't JACK you can do about it!! Not this year OR next year when we have 2, that's right, 2 first round picks and Lito Sheppard to deal away!! We beat you last year without McNabb and we can do it again THIS year....how about some RECENT history. We beat you in 06 when you first got T.O. in Philly with McNabb and then when McNabb went down we BASHED YOU AT HOME ON CHRISTMAS with Garcia!!! I won $100 bucks off some dumb Cowpie fans, and one of them didn't pay and STILL won't return my calls! Thanks for adding some bucks to my wallet!! p.s.(it's spelled IDIOT, not EDIOT!!! and it's LOSE not LOOSE. Your mama is LOOSE, but the Cowpies will LOSE!)
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Ogden Ogden
Another case of Dallas envy. I LOVE the fact you hate my favorite team. Makes me happy when they hammer what ever spare team you pull for. GO COWBOYS.
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Laurie Laurie
y not say they suck cuz its true they got everything they need to win and they still lose and continue losing
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Laurie Originally Answered: will cowboys win the super bowl or win the playoffs?
Gotta take it one step at a time. Let's win the division, then a playoff game, and then we'll talk about the Superbowl! How 'bout them Cowboys? ----------------------

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