Weight Question/Problem?

Weight Question/Problem? Topic: Weight Question/Problem?
June 18, 2019 / By Charley
Question: Hi I am 18 years old and I am 5 feet and Ive been having 'weight issues'.I always think that my legs are chunky and my arms because one time a guy told me I was fat.But,my friends keep on telling me im not.So a couple of weeks ago I weighed myself and I was 107 pounds.I thought the was way to much so I took Mira-lax.Then two days later I was 102 pounds.So I've been taken it ever since now I am 99.I want to be 90 pounds because I see that's what Celebs look like and I want that. And the question is is 90 pounds to little for a 18 year old? Should I tell someone I've been taking Latatives? And is it bad to take Mira-lax that long? And should I get help because I know that I am not anorexic or bulimic I've tried to but be bulimic but it didn't work out.
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Ariana Ariana | 5 days ago
Hello! This is not a healthy weight for anyone but a young child. At your height I would think you should weigh at least 115-125 pounds and that is still very thin. That guy was just being a jerk and guys know how easily they can hurt and bring down a girl by being negative about their appearance. Taking laxatives is never ok to loose weight and should only be used as directed. By using them this way you are dehydrating your body and not giving yourself enough time to digest properly and starving your body of essential vitamins and nutrients found in food. It you starve yourself and use laxatives you will not only loose fat but you will loose muscle. And as for any type of eating disorder. They become a serious condition and people struggle their entire lives and most never recover and many end up hospitalized for being extremely ill and some die. The last thing you want to so is create a problem for yourself that just isnt there. Dont be so critical of yourself other people dont see the little imperfections that you feel you see. Dont obsess at weighing yourself and looking in the mirror go out and enjoy life and dont worry about it so much. You have this one life to live dont worry what poeple think and dont judge others just find happiness in things you are passionate about like art sewing singing hanging with friends anything you can dream if. The famous people eat very healthy strict diets supervised by a nutritionist and have personal trainers who design work out regimens for them. You want to eat a low carb and high protein diet. Protein is what feeds your muscles and gives you energy and is also what your hair is made of. Taking these dangerous medications may not show damage to you now because you are so young but trust me it will catch up with you if you continue. Try researching healthy diets and simple exercises you can do at home there are so many options. Don't let a man ever make you feel badly about yourself ever. Always walk away from all situations of abuse from men, women anyone. Be a strong minded person and motivated to live a long happy and healthy life. Please stop using the laxatives immediately! You may put back on some weight but who cares then you can focus on being at a healthy weight and achieving any weight loss goal the proper natural healthy way. If you feel at any time you need help dont heaitate to reach out to someone whom is able to be understanding and helpful in your situations. I hope I've helped:)
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Ariana Originally Answered: Weight Problem! {SOS} {HELP?!}?
Diet and exercise it is what will help you to get rid of your problem.There is not magical solutions, just a lot of hard work and a long commitment but long lasting results if you do it right. You need to change, first, the way you eat, more fruits and vegetables and less processed food. Stop drinking pop and drink spring water. Exercise at least 1 hour a day. You are really young, talk to your parents about helping you with this. Go and see your doctor, they can run some tests on you and give you a go in your diet. No magic tricks if you wanna have a result that will last, there are thousands of "easy ways" to lose weight, but none of them work, you won't lose weight you will start a life of yo-yo dieting that way. Find an exercise you enjoy, swimming can help you with you chest, your mid-section and thighs, running it is also good if you wanna lose weight. You will have to find a routine of exercise that not only suits you but you enjoy, because you will have to stick to it for a while if you wanna see results. Make changes in the way you see food, and if you feel upset or pissed, instead of wolfing-down ahalf a gallon of ice cream, go and run a mile or swim ten laps, that was one ofthe things that helped me more, because I used to run to the fridge everytime I felt upset. Do not starve yourself, eat in the table without watching TV, drink spring water, lemon water, herbal teas, that is very important. If you have a bike in your garage, take it and ride it for a couple of miles a day. I know it sounds to much work, but it is worth it, that way, you will not only getting rid of the extra weight, but you will be making changes in your life that will improve not only the quality of your life but also your self esteem. You will be albe to look in the mirror and feel good with yourself. Remember, everytime you feel like you can not do it, take a moment and think how would you like to look and if that "Double Stacker" is going to help you looking good. And if you feel ashamed of going to swim because you don't look good, don't worry, think of it as a tool, you will use the exercise and good food to change your body and life. Forget what people thinks or what they say, ignore them, you will be working towards a goal, and that goal will be to have a healthy weight and a better quality of life. Do not let what other people say to hurt you, think that you are overweight like a cold, it is temporary, you will get rid of the extra weight and be healthy again. I know what I am talking about, I've been there, but I decided that I loved myself very much to care about what others said or whispered behind my back, and I made the changes and I look at myself now and I can say I conquered one of my weakness, I have won the ultimate battle against myself. I keep those healthy habits, although today I can have a serving of "Rocky Road or a hamburger. You will too come to that. I wish you the best, you are an extraordinary young man, do not let anybody to make you think different. You know you have to make changes and you are trying to, keep the good work and you will be successful. I wish you the best! =)

Zander Zander
You should really not take laxatives. Abusing them can lead to a lot of issues such as intestinal paralysis, renal failure, pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. As an 18 year old female witha height of 5 feet, your weight should actually be around 120. Ishh.. I know it seems fat, but not if you have muscle. Muscle burns fat (and weighs more than fat, also) Bulimia and anorexia all have extremely bad consequences. Vomiting constantly kills your throat and teeth and if you are an anorexic, you are at serious risk for heart associated problems. Eat a balanced diet and exercise. Why do you want to look like a celebrity? I'd recommend seeing a dietician.
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Sibald Sibald
100lbs. for 5 feet is perfect, The weight you are losing is mostly water weight and you will gain it back. I suggest drink only water and lots of it. For your legs do squats and running to tone them up. The laxative will give you permanent damage if you don't stop. You were not and are not fat. Don't listen to a stupid person that has no idea about a woman or her body.
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Ofer Ofer
90lbs? do you relies how unhealthy that is for your body? You need to get back up at 107lbs, You really do. If you have chunky legs then go to the gym do leg workouts, decreasing your weight will do nothing. 18 at 107lbs is skinny and beautiful, dont let some prick tell you otherwise.
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Ofer Originally Answered: I have weight problem?
. When you workout you should lift weights like there is no tomorrow. When you eat food you should eat a lot after you workout and an hour b4 eat a little like a chicken breast and a potato. And for breakfast eat well. You should consume 2400 calories per day. You should get 150g protein per day. I am not talking about shitty whey protein that stuff don't do anything because it isn't complex enough. When a protein isn't complex it basically gets used right away and if it isn't it gets stored as fat. A complex protein however breaks down slowly so your body will use it constantly if you workout. It's like if you have a car that runs on a Diesel engine and you are putting in regular gas. It isn't going far my friend. You need diesel to be diesel you dig. So EAT MEAT LOTS AND LOTS OF IT. Chicken fish beef eggs beans cottage cheese and more. But honestly I like to say your workout is 20% of your body, your diet is 80% ever heard the saying WORK HARD EAT RIGHT. You can do it man so what is stopping you GET BIG SON AND NEVER GIVE UP. Take my advice down to the letter and you will get as strong as you want. Also if you want muscle fast you should be working in the 8-10 rep range. Less than that and you are basically just increasing the amount of weight you can lift and not the size of your body. You will get bigger with less reps but not as fast as if you worked in the 8-10 rep range with at most 1 minutes rest. Supersets are awesome as well. You should workout hard and get a trainer to start for like a month. Tell him to give you a muscle building workout that also helps with fat loss. You should weigh 180 pounds and have around 15 percent body fat to be in the healthy range. Right now you have a serious weight problem and you need to start working out and dieting as soon as possible. You can also do p90x which is really really helpful. My brother lost 20 pounds in 2.5 weeks. You can get down to 180 in 3 months if you work hard and eat like I told you. No candy or sugar or carbohydrates. Have some but not a lot of carbohydrates like oatmeal and potatoes but not cereal or too much bread. Eat fruits like an apple or two per day. Eat lots of protein and you should be fine.

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